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B. Donnas
“The power of fashion is EVERYTHING. It can change who you are.” – Tiffany, of B. Donnas Shoes

If the cliché that “the way to a woman’s heart is shoes” is true, then the three ladies of B. Donnas have definitely stolen a great number of hearts. They have successfully seduced women through shoes and made well over 223,000 Instagram followers achieve “shoegasms”. The B. Donnas’ empire all started with two recent college graduates in Tallahassee, Florida who wanted to fulfill their shoe shopping needs because there were no shoe stores in the area. At the age of 21, Alexis Weekley and Tiffany O’Bryant opened up their first shoe store in a mall in Tallahassee by the name of Violet Haze. The next store they opened was named Bella Donna Shoes and began the brand of what we now know as B. Donnas Shoes. A year ago, Bella Donna transitioned to B. Donnas and current Creative Director, Latrise Sheriff, joined the team.

Check out a clip of our interview with the incomparable ladies of Bdonnas below. #CosignLife


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