Back out the Vault Air Jordan 3 “Mocha” Holiday 2018

By: Josh Ramos


The Air Jordan 3 has been a favorite among sneakerheads since its original release in 1988. As the sneaker worn during Michael Jordan’s gravity defying free-throw line dunk, the Air Jordan 3 has rightfully earned its place as one of the greatest sneakers ever made. Easily recognized by the iconic elephant print panels on the heel and toebox, Tinker Hatfield’s debut Jordan design has undergone many successful makeovers, most recently the JTH line in partnership Justin Timberlake, but one iteration in particular has become a cult favorite in the sneaker world: The Air Jordan 3 “Mocha.”

Originally released in 2001, the Air Jordan 3 “Mocha” is quite possibly the most polarizing Jordan 3 to drop. Sporting a white leather upper, dark mocha takes over the outsole, elephant print panels, top eyelets, and the Air Jordan branding. Retailing for $100 USD (roughly $142.25 in 2018, shout outs to inflation), the Mocha 3 ultimately made its way to the outlets, where collectors would pick them up for a steal. But, like a fine chocolate colored wine, the Mocha 3 has aged beautifully and grown in popularity among collectors. From its humble original $100 price tag, shops such as Stock X and Flight Club have pairs listed for upwards of $300 USD. But, thanks to new information, lovers of the Mocha 3 may be able to save a bit of money in the very near future.

After 17 years, the Air Jordan 3 “Mocha” may finally be getting a retro. Rumored to release on December 15, 2018 as part of Jordan Brand’s Holiday collection, the cult classic may return in its original form, with the only major difference being the price tag of $190 USD. With rumors of a Mocha 3 retro floating around for years, we can only hope that these new whisperings in the community turn out to be true.

What do you all think? Is the year we finally get a Mocha 3s? If it is, are you copping a pair or are these just as ugly to you as they were to sneakerheads 17 years ago? 

                                                                                      2018 Air Jordan 3 “Mocha”

Writer’s opinion: I really hope that these drop again. I have been wanting a pair of Mocha 3’s for time, but I could never pull the trigger on those resell prices. Hopefully people sleep on these like they did 17 years ago so I can cop a pair to rock and a pair to stock, because I plan on beating these to the ground if I get them.

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