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It’s cold and that means that body heat is needed. Passion, Love, and Music all pair nicely with a boo and if you are lonely well I hope this is your last winter of such.

Now what is all this intimacy without Rhythm&Blues, Jazz, and Soul…

So when it gets cold make sure you keep warm with these FIRE artist…(see what I did there)

Rayana Jay

The 20something R&B Soulstress has the perfect songs for connection, lounging, and snuggling up for the colder nights. She has the perfect friends that became more or maybe we are in the early in stages but I’m sure your heart and body will be warmed from her voice and production.

Album – Morning After
My TOP 3 Singles – “Chill”, “One More Time”, “Play Thing”





Yes Mr. Radio Killer finds his way into the mix. Why not I mean when you drop a Trilogy at the drop of the weather, how much more warm could you get. His mellow tones, powerful instruments, and suggestive lyrics will have you making love, throwing singles, and ready to propose in the matter 2 1/2 hours. 40 Songs… Listen…. you better get all this HEAT!

Album: Ménage à Trois: Sextape Vol. 1, 2, 3.
Top 3 Singles: (This is difficult so don’t shoot me) “Rise”,” On The Regular”, “Paris Of The West”.


Tone Stith


An under the radar artist which caught my attention as he was originally co-signed by Drake. I caught wind of a few songs and was impressed with his sound and ability to hold notes outside of auto tune. He has a youthful presence so definitely light and easy for those newly established relationships. Not to heavy but definitely great for the appropriate approach.

Album: Good Company
Top 3: “Better Than Before”, “Secrets”, “Doin It For Me”



Gwen Bunn

Young talented Artist and Producer from Decatur, GA has such a new age melodic sound but paired with intimacy and connection. I was directed to her by a close friend and let’s say, I’ve been hooked. Her album which dropped in 2017. Is so good 2 years later that I have to question how I let it slip under the radar. Not only that she has an almost Maxwell-esque ambiance where it is such a flow that you get lost in her composition. A woman who is vocal and communicative about her wants, desires, and needs. Along with what she is bringing to the table is heaven sent. Check her out. If you are a Rapsody fan “A Rollercoaster Jam Called Love” she sings the bridge & hook alongside Musiq Soulchild.

Album : Safe Travels
Top 3: “Not A Dream”, “Think Twice”,” Yours”


Jvck James


Now he has no album but his single “WAVE” makes me want to put it on repeat and find how many different ways I can enjoy it. The song is Vibes, it is sensual, passion, and overall just a space of pure divine connection.

Jvck James – Wave

When the temperature drops keep warm, find you a good book, a good boo, or just a fun show to catch up on. Seems that when it gets cold we all need a little something to keep us warm.

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