Coming up in South Dallas, TX, Ki Hewitt grew up around music like most southern rap artists so it was only natural that he would give it a shot and pursue music himself. “It’s a family thing my uncle had a label in the early 90s and 2000’s called Dallas Most Dangerous and he used to have a record shop by White Rock lake once upon a time too. We used to pass out flyers and CD’s for him as kids. That then turned into Zillionaire Records and into my older brother having an album at 13 and me being featured on an album at 11.” For Ki life in South Dallas gave him front row seats to the best and worst parts of our culture but he wouldn’t let that deter him for pursing his dreams. He turned his life experiences into music.

Currently Ki is promoting his latest single, “Rise N Grind” which features Dallas artist Jaeson Green. “I’ve been a fan of Jae Green for years so when I wrote the song I wrote the hook with him in mind although I never expected him to jump on it,” he says. But with anything you have to shoot your shot and be ready when it’s your time.

By day, Ki Hewitt drives 18 Wheelers to help fund and reinvest his money into his music. “The way the music industry works you’re your own record label until you’re able to pay yourself back via selling shows, merch, etc once you build a fanbase. Gotta pay the cost to be the boss and this game ain’t cheap by any means,” he says. Taking the approach of some of the southern greats like Master P and Birdman, Ki is ready to forge his own path in this music industry as an artist and businessman.

Ki describes his style of music as the perfect combination of wit, soul, and throwed. In a world full of vibe music he says he’s here to give that shit that’s gone make you say, “Hold on what did he just say!?!” But still have that Texas to it. From a real place. Inspired by the greats like Andre 3000, Jay-Z, Nas, Nipsey Hustle, UGK, Drake, Wayne, and Rick Ross, Ki hopes to continue to push the sound of country rap tunes forward. “Bun B talks about the sound Pimp C and Cory Moe were cultivating on that last album with songs like “Swishers n Dosha” I wanna tap into that and push it that sound forward with some lyrical ability. That’s my goal in this thing.

Currently Ki is working on a six to eight song EP called “Finessin Is a Blessin” which he says he might turn it into a series. “I’m just trying to build and take the right steps to move upward,” says Ki Hewitt, and that’s exactly what he’s doing. 

Follow Ki Hewitt on Instagram at @kihew_muzik and make sure to stream his music on all digital platforms.

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