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[La Musica] Alina Baraz “Drift”

Alina Baraz “Drift”

You guys remember earlier this year when we posted about a young female artist by the name of Alina Baraz? She had that track titled “Art of Persuasion”, which featured her amazing vocals over an XXYYXX beat. If you enjoyed that, take a look at what we have here! Here we have Alina Baraz’s most recent track, titled Drift. Producer Galimatias, all the way from Haderslev, Denmark, has teamed up with Ms. Baraz to make this wonderful track. Galimatias just happens to be one of my favorite producers, so when I saw that the two had teamed up, I just knew that this track would be perfect. Allow us here at Cosign Mag to bless your ears if you haven’t heard this already. You’re welcome!


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