A.Dd+ at Sausage Fest

This past Saturday, 105.3 The Fan helped put together a festival…Sausage Fest to be specific. Make your jokes, but when I say Sausage Fest, I’m really not meaning just a bunch of dudes at an event. The event was literally called Sausage Fest, and there literally were so many different types of sausages! This meant nothing to me, of course, because I’m a vegetarian, but since A.Dd+ was performing you know I was there taking some flicks. The fellas put on another great show, performing some of their new tracks, including “Where You Been?”. The crowd absolutely loved A.Dd+…but then again, what’s new? These guys can work any crowd. I’ve seen it happen way too many times. The funny part about this show was that as we were all sitting backstage, someone had come to the back and said, “Everyone is kind of just hanging out in the shade, so they’ll have to do a little bit of work to maybe get the crowd up front to the stage.” I just laughed. Either these people had never seen A.Dd+ perform or they underestimated the interest of the crowd. Once A.Dd+ stepped on stage and started performing, they had everyone out of their shaded seats, standing up front, and rapping their songs with them. A.Dd+ even brought a girl named Holly up on stage to dance with Slim, which I did take a video of! I’m sure you’ll enjoy this video and you can peep Holly’s dancing skills below, as well as the photos of A.Dd+ doing their thing! Also, I would like to thank A.Dd+ for having the crowd sing Happy Birthday to me. You guys are the greatest.


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