A.Dd+ Dallas’ …umm.. Brooklyn’s Finest?

Last November, A.Dd+ got the opportunity to perform at one of Austin, TX’s biggest festivals, Fun Fun Fun Fest. SayBrea traveled down to Austin with Slim & Paris, and was able to capture moments like the one in the video above. Slim and Paris can do quite the impersonation of a New Yorker, with the “B’s”, the bubble jackets, timb boots, and of course, the accents. Now, what gave them the inspiration to break out into this impersonation is beyond me, but we sure are glad this was caught on camera. This was not staged at all! Seeing artists on their goofy side is always a breath of fresh air, letting people know that these artists do the same things you and I do. They all like to have fun, we all have 2 legs, we all put our pants on the same, and we all breath the same air. In fact, the new project, DiveHiFlyLo, portrays this message pretty clearly. Whether you’re homeless or whether you’re a king, we are equal. Even though Slim and Paris are kings in their city, always doing shows, interviews, and keeping up with all their other responsibilities as artists, you can see that the two know how to let loose, have a good time, and just joke around with each other like you and I. Check out the video above to see how Slim and Paris bullshit around together before they wreck some stages!

A.Dd+ Dallas’ …umm.. Brooklyn’s Finest? from Cosign Magazine on Vimeo.

Note from SayBrea ::
Y’all…honestly, this was one the funniest moments I’ve ever experienced with BOTH Slim and Paris. I’ve had too many funny experiences with Slim, but to have Paris included in this as well, was icing on the cake. This was the first time I had ever really heard Paris talk, besides rapping in his music. The whole car ride to Austin, we just jammed to UGK, Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross, and others, as Paris pretended to smoke a fake joint which was actually a rolled up piece of paper. Slim, of course, was passed out thuggin’ in his sleep so nobody really said anything on the way there. But seriously… Paris literally smoked on this fake joint for 30 minutes down the road, pretending to ash out of the window and everything. From that point on, I just knew that Paris had a funny side and I was determined to catch it on camera throughout the trip. Surely enough, we’re walking into the festival and these two break out in this New York impersonation. I immediately thought, “Record! Record! Record!” So that’s what I did. This has never been released anywhere, but I figured it’d be a nice addition to the countdown for you guys to see some behind the scenes type stuff. Enjoy!

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