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With so much quality music out right now and new artist hitting the scene, it’s quite easy to fall victim of missing out on a good thing.  With Hip Hop recently becoming the number 1 genre around the world, you would think that most of that stems from the music being put out in America.  While this may be what most of us listen to, I want to point you across the Atlantic Ocean to the United Kingdom.  Influenced by R&B, EDM, and house music, the United Kingdom has some stars in the making that I believe are slept on in the music game.  While I have many, here are five UK artist that I vibe too. 


  1. Ella Mai – Of course Ella Bae would head my list.  This singer from England has the hottest song of the year and the summer.  Even the fellas are singing Boo’d up like it will be their future wedding song.  Ella Mai was discovered on Instagram by DJ Mustard and signed to his record label.  In 2016 she dropped a trio of EP’s that showcase her song-writing, vocals, and talent.  If you liked boo’d up you should check out her Time, Change, and Ready projects. 

  2.   Jorja Smith- Jorja Smith has been making moves since 2016.  Her Single Blue lights caught the attention of many including Drake, who she ended up performing with on his UK tour as well as adding vocals on his More life “Playlist”.  She has a powerful and unique voice and she displays her range and talent on her debut album Lost & Found.  This is a solid project that you should check out.
  3. Col3trane – When I first heard one of his songs, I was kind of reminded of Frank Ocean, with the laid-back flow and excellent song writing and storytelling.  The newcomer is only 18 but with the release of his debut mixtape “Tsarina”, he has been catching a lot of attention.  My favorite songs by him so far are “Mario Kart” and “New Chain”.  Y’all know he gets points from me for the video game titled song.  Col3trane just vibes and I think everyone should check out his mixtape “Tsarina”. 

  4. Etta Bond – While not as on the radar as others on this list, Etta Bond has been around for a while, making quality soulful music.  She hopped onto the scene in 2011.  Etta Bond has a nice melodic sound and has an unapologetic theme in her music.  No subject is off limits to her.  The songs that caught my attention were “King to be” and “Feels Like” from her first solo EP “ #CoolUrbanNewTalent” which you should definitely check out.  She also has a nice duet with TDE’s SiR called “Something New”. 

  5.  Nao – I was playing this trash game called NBA 2k16 and I heard inhale exhale from NAO in the background.  The unique sound instantly made me look into the artist.  Its cliché to say, but her sound is like no other.  I can’t even give you a comparison but its captivating.  She mixes electric sounds and soulful vocals to entice the listener. I recommend you listen to her first album “For All We Know”. 

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