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Creator & Star of The Vincent Tucker Radio Show, Owner of CWC Entertainment Group L.L.C., Emcee, Humanitarian

COSIGNed By: K.G. Graham (@COSIGNKG)

From an early age, Vincent Tucker looked up to Sean “Diddy” Combs, Tom Joyner and Kidd Kraddick and wanted to be in the entertainment business, either as a record label executive or as a radio personality. He decided that a foot in the door would be his first goal. Born and raised in Dallas, he grew up in what would nicely be put as a dysfunctional home. He lost his grandparents and baby sister in a house fire, which contributed to his parents developing a drug habit and eventually abandoning him at the age of 13. His aunt took him in and helped raise him.

But since then, Vince was determined to make a way for himself. In 2005, he linked up with a now defunct record label to assess talent. When that relationship soured, he left, along with the label’s premiere act and with another member of the label that would he would eventually co-found his entertainment company, CWC Entertainment Group, L.L.C., with.

Vince would soon find himself under the wing of Dallas’ go to promoter for the local hip-hop scene, Jaimeian “Kuwn Dalini” Pride. Having joined Dalini’s Metro Muzik: The Union collective, he honed his skills at hosting events and learned the music business. When Metro Muzik disbanded, Vince would be approached about starting his own Internet radio show after being a guest on a friend’s show.


Nine years later, “The Vincent Tucker Radio Show” is interviewing big name celebrities (Kevin Hart, Tyrese, Cuba Gooding Jr., Bruno Mars, etc.) and is syndicated on several networks across the country. “We’re changing the perception of radio on the Internet. We have a syndicated, award-winning broadcast with a terrestrial radio model,” he says. In its run, the show has won 15 radio awards from various outlets.

Along with the radio show, Vince hosts a wide variety of events throughout the region, is actively involved in “My Brother’s Keeper,” a feed the needy charity, he founded “Register To Speak Out,” a voter registration campaign, and he is a brand ambassador for Foot Action USA. Also, since 2014, Vince has been the entertainment editor of DallasBlack.com. In the future, he expects to be syndicated on terrestrial radio, a nationally celebrated emcee hosting major events across the country and looks to add motivational speaking to his repertoire.

We COSIGN Vincent Tucker and his rise out of difficult circumstances. “I wanted to show that life’s about decisions, and that you can come from the hood or a horrible situation and do something positive with your life.” He’s been able to create his own lane, piggyback successful ventures off of prior successes and does this while maintaining a clean-cut, non-controversial image. He also is concerned with the betterment of his community, as displayed by his involvement in various events and charities.


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