Meet Victoria Samone and Brittany Woodard
Instagram: @LIVEXXVENT
Website: www.liveasf.com
Location: Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex


Two Texans and college friends, event planner Victoria from the DFW area and executive administration assistant Brittany Woodard of Houston, created their own event planning business, Live XXV Entertainment. The company was founded “for like-minded young professionals who are seeking a life full of adventure and excitement.”

As kids, the two differed in their ambitions. Victoria was always looking to be a business owner, and began in high school selling customized clothing  out of her locker and to date has successfully started three businesses of her own. Growing up she was into music and fashion and a college internship exposed her to event planning, including the Miss Oklahoma pageant. She then knew what she wanted to do with her life. Brittany on the other hand, began wanting to be a professional athlete. This changed by her senior year in high school, because by this time, she had become interested in hosting events. She would eventually get hired by a club owner to plan and organize each club night and to ensure everything ran smoothly. “At the age of 27, we decided to finally put our many years of event planning and nightlife experience to work for ourselves,” they said. “After several hours of brainstorming, a couple of margaritas, and way too many rounds of chips and salsa to count, Live XXV was born.”

Live XXV looks to expand their events beyond day parties, brunches and nightclubs to unique events and venues. Case in point, the Art & Soul Festival in Deep Ellum (8/20/2017) that they put together along with Side Bar Hip Hop. The festival encompasses hip-hop, neo-soul and R&B, spoken word, live bands, pop-up shops, painters and a number of other attractions.

Between word of mouth, networking and social media, Live XXV is growing. And while nothing goes exactly as planned, these ladies do not let adversity slow their progress. “It is important to remain cheerful and hopeful and keep plodding ever onward towards better days,” Victoria says. Brittany also approaches things with positivity. “I try to view the positive in every situation. Of course there are some adversities that we encounter that may be hard seemingly impossible. With those, I remind myself that the situation is out of my control and it’s been done,” says Brittany.

The pair sees themselves growing the Live XXV brand into a more recognizable entity across the country, known for their consistency in providing exciting events. They see success not as a destination, but as a path or direction they travel. “Success means being gritty and growing through what we go through,” they said. “It’s not about always winning or being better than the competition. Success is about being better than we were yesterday and consistently persevering and remaining resilient in every aspect of life.” They strive to leave a legacy of “helping others find value in living life to the absolute fullest and never limiting themselves to the normality of society.”

We #COSIGN Victoria and Brittany because they took their experience working for others and started their own business, offering out-of-the-norm experiences for the people of North Texas.

Who do they ladies of Live XXV #COSIGN?

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