You’re a man of many talents, if someone asked you who is Tyrone Betters what would you say?

I would say he is a multifaceted, GOD fearing, hardworking person that is always looking to help individuals and build up those around him.  

Tell us your story. How did you get into modeling and acting?

I started modeling in the Fall of 2008 at Georgia Southern University. I was a freshman and auditioned for the big fashion show Black Student Alliance put on called Blaqshion. I was trash lol but we were always practicing and I just fell in love with it and never stopped.

I got into acting Fall of 2012 when my mentor Willie Johnson suggested that I should get in some acting classes and find my niche. I wasn’t the best actor at that time either haha but I developed into who am today. 

I am grateful for the building blocks if my career.

One thing I can say about you, is that you’re an extremely hard worker and very consistent. In your opinion what traits does it take to be a successful male model and actor?

Discipline to get better everyday in this craft. Development is essential to growth. I developed, meaning I took classes, practiced constantly and continue to stay open to learn. The moment you think you know it all, you are doing yourself a disservice. Lastly dedication. This is a marathon not a sprint. You have to be dedicated to the grind and the journey of getting to where you want to be.

How is the acting scene in Dallas? Is this a good market to book gigs?

Dallas is full of great actors man. The market is huge really. Mostly commercial or print base. A few major films are shot here but you have to be willing to travel to the work. My agent does a great job of getting us auditions and when Im not doing that, Im creating my own opportunities. 

You’ve been booked for quite a few local and national campaigns, can you share with us the projects you’ve worked on for acting?

Commercial wise I’ve booked some dope stuff over a four year span. Recently I have booked commercials with Tractor Supply Company and Riverwind Casino in Oklahoma. I’ve worked with ATT, Braums, Dickies clothing, Carter Blood Care, and many more.

I definitely have worked on a few short films and series within the metroplex as well.

Dallas is so full of great writers, producers and actors that we create out own opportunities for real. Thats what it takes.

If someone with no previous experience wanted to get into acting, how would you walk them through it from beginning to end?

Whats crazy is, I been developing a class for newly beginning actors and models. But, I would say:

1) Research the industry and market you are in.

2) Find your niche, everyone can’t be a runway model, but everyone can do commercials.

3) Invest in good headshots.

4) Get into an acting class or workshop and learn.

5) Create your Actors Access, Casting Networks, MyCastingFile accounts.

6) Begin to build your resume, starting off it wont be extensive, but you have to start somewhere.

7) Student film projects, plays, local productions, etc. will be the foundation for growing.

Thats just a little to start out but if anyone ever needs guidance just reach out. Im an open book and love to see people succeed.

You’re also a brand ambassador for a few brands. Tell us about the brands you work with consistently and what you look for when becoming an ambassador?

All the brands that I promote, believe in me to be the face of their product. Eaden Myles (@eadenmyles) is a menswear line that specializing in affordable pricing with high quality. From suits to Blazers To shoes, they will help put the whole look together. And id you are a soon to be groom, come shop.

Drawlz (@drawlzbrandco) is a mens underwear company based here in Dallas. With sleek designs and high quality material, easily the best product in the market.

Enyo Fitness (@enyofitness_) is a fitness brand  based here that carries an array of options for men and women.

Tate Whalun (@tatewhalun) is a watch company based here in Dallas as well. With many options for men and women.

The best thing about it is, these are all black owned companies.

Who are some models/actors that motivate you?

Mahershala Ali, Yahya abdul-mateen II and Sterling K Brown are my favorite actors right now hands down. The choices they make in the roles just show me how far you have to go in the scene. Thats the goal Im ready to reach.

As far as models, I motivate myself really haha I’m just cold at what I do.

As an actor how do you personally prepare for a gig? 

For commercials I just show up on time and wait to be told what to do. For a film setting I learn my lines, understand the choices Im going to make, then deliver on screen. For plays, we always are rehearsing so I get to live with the character a little more and prepare for opening day.

You recently took part in a fitness competition and won. Tell us what made you want to compete and what it was like going through the process?

I actually placed 3rd in 4th in my groups but man I had a blast!! I just wanted to try something new being that I am constantly in the weight room. My goal was to not pay for supplements anymore and get a sponsor, salute to @optimumfitness85.

How did you prepare for the show? What sacrifices did you have to make? 

Man you are training and eating everyday for 8-12 weeks. You can only eat whats on the meal plan and you have to cut up with cardio. This first go around was hard because I was traveling and didn’t stick to the plan like I should have, but it happens. Better for learning. You have to go all the way or not at all.

2020 has been the year to pivot, how has COVID forced you to pivot in your career?

Man I have been even more successful through covid honestly. Been able to travel to do what I love. Getting more opportunities everyday. Outside of always wearing a masks, not much has changed.

Last but not least who are 5 people you #COSIGN along with their IG handles?

I cosign: 






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