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     Michele Haley a.k.a. Miche: @your_augustrush;

     Justin August: @justinbobby84;

     Cara Davis a.k.a. Cara D: @the.cara.d

Website: www.millenniallov3.com


     The “Millennial Lov3” cast is made up of Miche from the North side of Irving, Texas, Justin from Lafayette, Louisiana and Cara from Cecil, Georgia. Each member had varying aspirations as children, ranging from Justin’s desire to be a backup dancer for either Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson or Missy Elliott, to Cara’s plans of being a cardiologist and a singer. “I was always very talkative as a child,” says Miche. “I loved engaging in conversation and debating. It was not until recently did I realize there was a path for me to be on a podcast where I could express myself to the masses, as I’ve always liked doing.”

To start a podcast was difficult for each of the members. For Miche, it was delving into a saturated field without experience or a network to back them. But all three agree that putting themselves and their thoughts out there to be consumed and judged by others was a difficult hurdle that they had to clear. As Cara put it, it was “to be emotionally naked in front the world.” But for her, it was a means of putting her truth out there with the hope of inspiring others, and for Justin, it was to fulfill the creative side that his nine-to-five didn’t.

The show avoids topics such as pop culture or celebrity news, and focuses on the cast’s lives as black millennials navigating their corporate jobs and life in 2017. They are honest and vulnerable, even to the point of discussing their relationship(s) with their therapist(s). The feedback has been great, as only five to six weeks in and with only social media and word of mouth driving listenership, the show already had 20,000 downloads and listens. The crew looks to other successful black people in entertainment and broadcast for inspiration, such as Angela Yee for the ladies and Dustin Ross for Justin. Cara also mentioned Issa Rae and Crissle West as people that inspire her. Five years from now, each of them sees themselves working for themselves, with an established brand, and Justin and Cara particularly in the world of television.

Success and legacy is important to each of the cast members. Miche says, “I want my legacy to be that of an intelligent outspoken woman that entertains and who worked for the progression of the black culture and passionately changing children’s lives for their brighter destiny.” Justin is still unsure but wants it “to be filled with Christ and love, filled with color and warmth and filled with happiness.” And Cara says, “I want people to remember how hard I made them laugh and how hard I loved.”

We #COSIGN the “Millennial Lov3” cast for finding their lane and for finding success by being themselves (and through hard work as well, of course).

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