Stephanie Lopez
Clothing Designer, Creator of Kreative Couture Company

Instagram: @stephdmlopez
Website: www.KreativeCoutureCompany.com

Stephanie grew up in the North Dallas/Plano area.  She was was a tomboy, in to sports and other physical activities, not much into fashion. She has always been passionate about learning though, and this desire for knowledge set the groundwork for her entrepreneurial ventures. 

“I knew I hated being told what to do by working by the hour and making someone else rich.  I knew I could start my own business and make the money I deserve,” she says. And that she did, motivated by her three children and inspired by entrepreneur Michael Gerber’s words, “The entrepreneur in us sees opportunities everywhere we look, but many people see only problems everywhere they look.”

Stephanie began Kreative Couture Company initially with their line of premium quality Colombian jeans.  “It’s always been a task to find a great pair of jeans that actually fit in all the right places,” she says. From there it grew into logo t-shirts, hats and custom made apparel, targeting mostly women 13 and up. And always having a thirst for knowledge has made her a subject matter expert on her market. “The denim industry is reporting sales growth of 120%.  Denim can be found in the wardrobes of 96% of all US consumers. Over half of women purchased jeans in the past year spending over $4 billion,” she says.  “Research shows that brand loyalty among denim consumers is strong – so creating a personal connection with your customer is key. The core jeans consumer is women aged 18-40. Tapping into the Hispanic and African American markets may provide a new opportunity for denim brands. Hispanic and African American consumers report purchasing denim more frequently, are more brand conscious, and are comfortable at a higher price-point.”

Stephanie uses a number of methods to drive business, from social media to a referral incentive program to customer appreciation events, and everything in between. She stays on top of it because she says, “Competition in the fashion industry has become more intense.  Many fashion design entrepreneurs, who want to compete by running their own brands.” 

For Stephanie, “Success to me is completing my goals, whether it’s business or personal.  Helping others and making them feel confident in their clothes is an amazing feeling.” Next on her list of goals is expanding to a nationally recognized brand. And while she makes that happen, she continues to give a portion of her sales to charity and participating in several mentoring programs.

We #COSIGN Stephanie Lopez for her vison, style, research game, entrepreneurship and philanthropy.

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