As cliche as it sounds, who is ShaRhonda Douglas? What’s your story?

I’m a small town girl from Sherman, Texas that moved to the big city back in 2010 with goals and dreams! I come from a very small family. Every woman in my family are all very hard working women, so that’s all I seen growing up! I was taught to dream big and always work hard until I achieve my goals and to never give up!  So I’ve always been a Goal-Getter!!! I’ve always loved beauty and fashion!! So I definitely knew I wanted to have my own business doing something in the line of beauty and fashion!!! I’ve always worked hard for everything I wanted because nothing has ever been given to me, so all I know is to stay in elevation mode!!! I’m always challenging myself to the next level. I enjoy learning and surrounding myself around like minded people to continue to elevate my mind!!!  That’s just a little about me. I could literally write a book about my life and I might just do that one day!!

How did you get your start in the beauty industry? 

I got started in the beauty industry because I was intrigued with eyelash extensions!! I started getting my eyelashes done and fell In love but I also loved the art behind them! All of my fellow lash artist Baes can relate! I then found a lady locally that was doing eyelash extension trainings, so I took her training and got certified! Literally after taking the lash training I was so confident I stepped out on faith and went and signed a lease on a office space for me to start my lash business! My first business name was Fabulashroom. My thinking at that time was small.  I later changed the name to Doll Face Beauty! Several people called me Doll Face as a nick name and I added Beauty because I knew I would continue to grow my business in the lane of everything beauty!!!OMG I loved, slept and breathed lashes from that day forth.  Then in Texas it was shortly regulated that you had to be licensed under Cosmetology. So I then went and enrolled in Beauty College to get my license to be legit!!! While I was attending school I then learned more about Aesthetics, skin care. This was something I wasn’t very knowledgeable about at all, but fell in love with the science behind it as I struggled with my own skin. So I shortly later enrolled in Esthetician school to then get my license in Aesthetics !!!

Who was the first person that #COSIGNed you in your business?

My good friend Ashley Kay, from my hometown!!! We have always, always had a business connection outside of our friendship!!!

You’re the founder of Doll Face Beauty, LLC tell us about your company and the services you offer.

Doll Face Beauty is a full service Spa that offers several eyelash extension options, lash lifts, several facial treatments such as Microdermabrasion, derma-plane, oxygen facial, hydra facial, anti-aging facial, customized facials, back facials,  chemical peels, couples pampering facial dips, and much more. We also offer cosmetic teeth whitening, sauna body wraps, waxing and we will soon be adding a few more services that I can’t wait to announce!!

Has COVID affected your business at all? If so, in what ways and how have you pivoted?

Covid definitely set back some of my business plans I had set in place for earlier this year on expanding my business. However it gave me time to re-evaluate that particular plan. My business was closed for almost 3 months which is a huge hit for any small business owner.  However I got creative and came up with other ways to make income for my business while not being able to actually service my clients. Although I was deeply saddened at first I prayed, and prayed and realized this was the perfect time to work on other goals I never had time for because I was always busy working. During that time other doors and opportunities opened up for me! Also I was very appreciative of how my financial planning came into place and I was able to sustain.  I’m back in business and I’ve been booked and busy!! That’s a blessing in itself that I don’t ever take for granted!!!

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to enter the beauty industry?

I will tell anyone wanting to be an entrepreneur to go for it!!!! Being an entrepreneur is all about creating, taking risk while living out your passion!! There is no such thing as failure. Things may not go as we plan, but remember to always have a back up plan a, b, c, d and e! While the plans we make may not always go our way there is always a lesson to be learned while chasing your dreams!! I’ve had several set backs in my business but I’m grateful for them all because I’ve learned so much as I’ve grown in this entrepreneurial journey! I also truly believe everything happens for a reason. Also there is thousands of beauty pros like myself doing the same exact thing  so never get discouraged or let that scare you. There is enough room for everyone in the beauty industry!! Simply find your niche, create your brand and focus on perfecting it!!! Most importantly remember to surround yourself around like minded people you can learn from while taking this journey!!! Also always remain humble and stay positive!!!

Last but not least, who are 5 beauty entrepreneurs you #COSIGN along with their IG handle?

Dawn Davis @_Facestudio

Kendra Godley @kendraluxehairandmakeup

Octavia Whitlowe @Forbeautysake

Carmelita Dickerson @mirrorimageconsulting_llc

Aisha Eugene @Aishatheresabeautyllc

Lonice Stoker @lacedbylonicespa

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