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“My brand is showing everyone that this industry isn’t a niche space just for a certain type of person. Everyone has a place here: Modeling, photography, acting, creating – it’s yours if you want it. You just have to work for it.” – Sarah Khan

Meet Sarah Khan
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It all began in grade school when Sarah fell in love with photography and movies. Whether it was a field trip, event, or small family gatherings, she always had a disposable camera attached to her hip and ready to capture memories. Sarah wanted to follow the footsteps of Todd, a character in the Nintendo series, Pokémon, who turned his hobby of photography into a professional job.

Sarah would describe her childhood as “fruitful in entertainment, specifically in cinema and dancing.” She created a daily routine of waking up to MTV music videos and getting dressed to whatever was playing. She’d practice her dances in the morning, teach her friends during school and come home to watch Pokémon with her brothers. On good days, her brothers would take her to  AMC to catch the newest movies, but one day they bought her a digital camera after noticing her commitment to photography; this would begin her career.

She learned how to shoot her digital camera manually and began practicing with her muse/best friend, Jasmine. Most of her shoots were in the backyard but each were so different, from the styling of her outfits, make up, hair and theme, Sarah was able to convey her creative side through a one-woman illustration.

Sarah is a native of Dallas, TX but moved to Los Angeles 3 months ago after deciding to place herself in a better environment to break the evolution of her depression. In less than a month, she was signed to an amazing agency where she’s currently working and building her career in the media industry with an emphasis on photography and video producing. Her move has allowed her to express herself in many ways and connect with other creatives but as a Muslim and woman of color, she faces obstacles in her occupation and daily life. She says, “I’ve been to several events that are saturated with white people and they’ll completely disregard you” but her goal is to bring awareness and a spotlight to other Muslim women in the industry who may feel the same way. Adversity is real, and she’s faced it head on when she interviewed for a company five times. She says, “Will I get it this time? I don’t know. Will I try again if I don’t? Hell yes”. Sarah is a hustler with a positive outlook on life and a never give-up attitude.

In the years to come Sarah sees herself being a successful video producer InshAllah (if Allah wills it) and yelling “fuck you” to everyone who said she couldn’t.

We #COSIGN Sarah because she’s breaking barriers as a bad ass Muslim woman in her industry!

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