For those who don’t know, who is Robert Brodner aka Rob The Insurer?

KG this is a great question. I’m a man who always try to be his true self. The self that God knows I can be. I’m a man with a big heart. I’m a man who thinks I can do anything if I put the right focus and will power to something. I see things for what they are at this point in my life. I’ve learned that when we allow ourselves to truly just be in any given moment and not worry about the past or future, that’s when we can operate at full potential. I’m a man who wants my actions to have a positive and lasting impact on our society. I’m here to spread my truth and to help influence others to do the same. 

Great response Rob. What made you originally want to launch a podcast?

For a long part of my life I had an urge to help make the world a better place. When I got to college and even after college I was just focused on having fun and my desire to make a real impact in this world went away. It was a scary time for me. I had no purpose in my life. For me, becoming a father was a life saver. It was like a jumpstart for me. Slowly my soul began to awake again and after a few years of building the courage to do it, I decided to start a podcast. I felt that everyone on this planet has a story. I knew I was good at communicating with others, so I said man come on Rob you gotta do this. You don’t wanna be old one day and regret not ever doing it. 

What podcasts do you listen to outside of yours and why?

I love the Joe Rogan podcast. I model mine after his. There is no script and I really try to allow for natural flow conversation. I also love Desus & Mero. Those guys are so funny and witty. It’s a good alternative to Rogan because I feel they are more in tune with pop culture and music. I recently started listening to a podcast by Robin Sharma. It’s a quick 2 minute daily pod that helps give you the right mindset for each day. Very uplifting. 

How do you choose your guests? What’s your thought process?

I go off of feel. Sometimes I won’t know my guest until the week before. Wherever God and the Universe point my soul. Then I just ask. I think everyone has said yes. So I’m very thankful for that. 

What is the most rewarding aspect of hosting a podcast?

When I’ve had people tell me that listening to my podcast helped save their life. There are no words to describe that feeling. I know that it’s God working through me and when I hear things like that it’s truly an honor and I’m so grateful. 

What is the hardest part of hosting a podcast?

Continuing to maintain that flow. During the pandemic when we were shut down hardcore, I chose to shut it down a bit. I’ve gotten into a good little flow now but it’s taken time. When I don’t do the podcast on the regular I get rusty. Gotta keep it going man. 

For someone who is wanting to launch a podcast but has no experience what advice would you give them? Walk us through the launch process.

As far as how to do it, Google and YouTube will be your best friend. That’s what I used. I just asked questions to the internet and let it give me answers. Be yourself. It’s too hard to be fake. Talk to your guest with a curious and open mind. Most importantly don’t listen to respond, listen to understand.

As far as the launch process after I record the podcast, I edit it, convert it mp3 file, then I upload it to a website that uploads it to iTunes and Spotify for me. 

What’s your goal with your podcast?

My goal with the podcast is to inspire others by talking with others. We all have a story. I feel that the more stories are told, the closer we all become. And the closer we all become the better this world can be. 

What advice or quote would you like to share with our audience who needs added motivation to either get started or to keep them going?

Everyday you wake up is a new day. You get to decide how you approach it. When you truly understand that, you’ll realize the power you have. You can do anything. You can. I believe in you. Rise. 

Thanks for the amazing responses Rob. Last but least, who are 5 entrepreneurs you #COSIGN?


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