Meet Raquel Gonzales: Producer, Writer and Storyteller.

Raquel Gonzalez: @rock_elle
#COSIGNed by: @ericcabranch
Website: www.cw33.com/Raquel

Raquel is a Producer, Writer and Storyteller from Chicago, IL who currently resides in Dallas, TX. As a child, Raquel was surrounded by music and dreamed of being a backup dancer for Jennifer Lopez (seriously!). Her mom would persistently blast her beloved obsession, Prince in their home, and her family was packed with talented musicians and Dj’s. Entertainment was in her Puerto Rican blood and she couldn’t escape the fact that she wanted to become an entertainer or public figure as an adult. She participated in her first speech competition at The Boys and Girls Club that reassured her passion for performing when she rocked the stage and wowed the audience with her flare and energy!

Raquel’s career in the media industry started in 2016 while she was attending at The University of Texas Pan American (now University of Texas Rio Grande Valley). She joined the Bronc Radio & Television Club where she participated in every event and quickly made her way as Station Manager giving her enough experience to become the intern at FOX 4 / KNXO- in the Valley. Her goal was to make it to a city with a top 5 market.

After graduating, she had two job offers as an Associate Producer. The tug of war of choosing between a well-known station and a small creative one caused a well thought out debate, but she chose the more creative station where she would be able to write the stories she wanted to while being in a supportive atmosphere. Her challenges rose when some professionals assumed she didn’t have enough experience or appeared to be “too green” in the industry because of her niceness but they forget she’s, “100% Puerto Rican!”. In the words of Drake, “I said that I would do it and I did”, she made it to a Top 5 Market as an Associate Producer.

Currently, Raquel is working as a Producer at KDAF-TV, CW33 where she’s branding her rawness of compassion and community engagement. She’s continually creating her story and displaying her timeline of honesty and growth through social media. Social media is so prominent in today’s society but she feels like, “the media can give us a bad rep by how fake and snobby some can behave, so I pride myself on being humble and remembering where I came from and how I got here”. In the years to come, Raquel sees herself as an on-air talent for a major network, on E! News, working on her foundation to empower women, creating her fashion line and interviewing people who have a story to tell.

We #COSIGN Raquel because she is genuinely changing the perception of beauty and professionalism for all of the brown girls in the world.

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