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#COSIGNed By: CHRIS P. (@CPLocalCeleb)

Originally from Boston, but living in Dallas since his teens, Rage Almighty has been doing poetry since high school and has been a staple on the poetry scene since 2011. His cousin introduced him to poetry, after she realized that Rage needed an outlet to keep him from getting in trouble. So at 16, Rage was sneaking into clubs to watch and eventually perform his own spoken word. Having battled depression all his life, writing became his coping mechanism and it allowed him to bond with others with similar experiences. Poetry has been a savior for Rage, “It’s helped me deal with depression and suicide, and if it can do that for me, it can do that for other people. So now it’s like my super power,” he says.

Since deciding to put his all into spoken word, Rage has racked up the accolades. In 2016, he won 2nd place in the 2016 Individual World Poetry Slam and was the 2016 Bayou City Slam Champion. In 2014, Rage was the North Texas Spoken Word Artist of the Year and in 2013 he was Dallas Grand Slam Champion. He’s also shared the stage with poets Saul Williams and Nikki Giovanni and was on the fourth season of TV One’s “Verses and Flow.”

When he’s not performing, Rage does writing workshops for young people, coaches Dallas Youth Poets and works with Young DFW Writers and the youth poetry slam, Louder Than A Bomb. His poetry has been featured in two movies, “Roses Are Read” and “Natural Hair: The Movie.” He’s currently putting together an anthology of his poetry, short stories and random writings, tentatively titled “All The Things I Hate.”

We #COSIGN Rage Almighty because of his amazing talent as a poet and because of his passion for making a difference in young people’s lives.

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