*Prissy Hendrix is nominated for Beauty Influencer at the Local Love Awards*

Prissy Hendrix
MUA, Beauty Influencer, & Photographer

Website: www.prissyhendrix.com

“Of course everyone wants their name to be remembered. But for me – I want my message to be remembered. Essentially I do this for the ‘everyday-women’. Society makes us choose whether we’re going to be a career woman, a mother, or live the ‘glamourous’ life – and my goal is to show women that you can do it ALL. I want to give women the confidence to get a degree, kick butt in their career, raise amazing children, and still beat their face!”

-Prissy Hendrix

Mother, MUA, beauty influencer, photographer, and high school government teacher there’s not much Prissy Hendrix can’t do. Growing up an Army brat Prissy had the opportunity to see the world at a young age. Although she cites Killeen, Texas as her hometown she’s had quite the journey. “I lived in over 9 states and in 3 different countries. I never completed a school year at one school from start to finish in my 12 years of grade school,” she says. But one thing that remained constant in her life was her love for makeup, beauty, and photography. “My mother named me perfectly because people called me Prissy from a young age – and not because it was short for Priscilla but because of my personality,” she says. “I also loved taking pictures from a young age. I would do mini photoshoots of my family and friends on those point-and-shoot cameras and as I got older I got more serious with it. When it comes to my makeup and photography I am all self-taught.”

Going up with 12 girl cousins Prissy recalls she had plenty of practice doing makeup on other people. It wasn’t until she graduated high school that she realized she could turn her hobby into a legitimate business. “I started offering services to friends and family and then built my clientele from there,” she says. To help expand her brand she began blogging on Tumblr. “In college, when Tumblr was poppin’ I used to blog and actually built up a name for myself. I’m glad I got that experience back in the day because it made me realize how much I loved to blog. Blogging is a good platform to incorporate my love for makeup and photography.”

While building her website prissyhendrix.com and conducting makeup and beauty tutorials, Prissy also manages a 9 – 5 as a High School Government Teacher in Dallas, while taking care of her son. We were curious to know how she balances her day. I write down EVERYTHING in my planner. On the weekday I am a teacher from 8-5, I am a mom from 5-9, and then once I put my son to sleep I work on my projects. It takes take sacrifices for sure – mainly sleep,” she says. ”Do not work 8 hours for a company and come home and not work on your goals, you’re not tired – you’re uninspired”. That quote always has stuck with me and keeps me motivated to one day be my own boss.

With an Instagram following of a little more that 10,500 followers Prissy has already reached major accomplishments in the social media world. “My two biggest accomplishments on social media were getting featured on @KylieCosmetics and @theKylieShop.” Both Instagram pages together have over 13 million followers. Way to go Prissy! She credits her consistency to her recent success. “The things that helped me build my following has honestly just been consistency. I have been consistently pushing out content and taking advantage of hashtag on instagram. If I had any advice on getting noticed by major brands, it is to stay knowledgeable about the products as well as stay current on the type of content brands are pushing out so that way your brand is appealing to them,” she says.

One reason we #COSIGN Prissy is because she empowers other women. On her page you will see her post other MUA’s, models, and influencers she #COSIGNs. We love the fact that she pays it forward and we were eager to know why she shows so much love in a world full of hate. “Historically speaking – now this is the teacher coming out of me – Women have been the most suppressed group since ancient times. Since I was little I have always been so independent and set out to break the mold of what women were ‘supposed’ to be. I preach about women empowerment because I know that no one is cheering for us but us. We live in a male dominated society. Women were the last group given the right to vote. And still after the civil rights movement, which granted equality to minorities – women still had to fight for equality decades after. We need to be each other’s cheerleaders and stop acting like each others competition. Amazing things can happen when women support each other. I have had such a great response in the movement and made great connection with other like minded women. #SupportYourLocalGirlGang”

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