Name: Nedi Gonzalez
Company: Divine Body Studio
Title: Owner
Instagram: @divinebodystudio
Location: Arlington, TX

“Being an entrepreneur means that I have the opportunity to show others that you can reach your goals and that dreams can come true. That no matter the struggles or what we go through we can make it happen,” says  Nedi Gonzalez, owner of Divine Body Studio and Nedi’s Tax Services in Arlington, TX. At a very early age Nedi knew she had potential and she wanted to make sure everyone around her knew that they too could reach their goals, and that’s exactly what she set out to do.

Nedi is a licensed esthetician and her company Divine Body Studio offers full body and face contouring, facials, skin tag removals, lash lifts, waxing services, and many other treatments. She is also the owner of Nedi’s Tax Services and has over eight years of experience in preparing individual tax returns as well as small business returns. They also provide services to help individuals start a business as well as notary services.

We had the opportunity to conduct a Q&A with Nedi to discuss entrepreneurship, her journey, and who she #COSIGNs. Check out the interview below and be sure to stop by her booth on November 16th, at the COSIGN Awards Dinner & Gala. 🙂

Growing up did you always want to be an entrepreneur? If not, what did you want to be and why didn’t you pursue it?

Being an entrepreneur has been a long time dream and goal. Being able to reach it step by step has had such an amazing satisfaction. Sharing it with others to let them know they to can reach their goal and to never give up no matter what life puts you through is something that I want to let everyone aware of.

Who was the first person that #COSIGNed you and inspired you to pursue your business?

My mother has been my number one role model. She has gone through so much and always managed to get up and held her head high and kept going.

What was the defining moment or spark that inspired you to step into entrepreneurship and create your business?

My husband came into my life at a time where I was struggling working 2 jobs. One being my medical career one and the other as a tax consultant. He has been my back bone every step of my journey and he pushed me to start my own first business and second one was a dream I always had and he was very supportive.

After coming to this realization, what immediate steps did you take to start bringing your vision to life?

My first step to bring my vision to reality was to write down my plan and follow the steps. My immediate step was to quit my job and start my own business. Promote myself and start bringing clientele. This was a big risk but I had my husband to assure me that I was going to make this happen and everything was going to be ok. For my second business I actually went to school and worked as a tax consultant for about a year. It was a struggle but I wanted to create a place where everyone could come in and feel relaxed and better about themselves. Not only face, body but soul. I took an opportunity to start a studio and it became more than I could have ever asked for.

What was the specific void or opportunity you saw that inspired the idea behind your company?

The idea to help and inspire people was what I wanted to make sure I could bring to my clients once we meet. The feeling

Can you discuss the most difficult part of your journey thus far?

The most difficult part has been the sacrifices I’ve had to make. All dreams and goals comes with sacrifices. Mine was time. Less time for my home, for my kids, for my husband and my family. But I know all this is for a better purpose for a better opportunity and I love that I have everyone’s support and blessings.

What is one memory that you have that you reflect back to when entrepreneurship tests you?

Missing my kids activities and family events made me want to quit at times. Thinking what If this doesn’t work and I’m giving up so much. But when I felt down my husband and kids were always there to assure me everything was ok.

If you could ask one question to your business idol what would you ask and who would you ask?

Valeria Moreno. She’s been a role model and has managed so much my question would be. What was your biggest struggle and how did you manage to get through it?

Last but not least, name 5 people you #COSIGN along with their Instagram handle.

Lucia Gonzalez @poshfairyevents
Valeria Moreno @valeria_victoriap
Viveca Albarran @viveca_albarran
Nancy Garduno @esthethicsbynancy
Dayna Cantu @dayna.lizett

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