Meet Miya Brown, Founder and CEO of Networking Queens Marketing Group, who has 20 years experience in Marketing.  Miya discovered her gift for public relations and marketing as a HBCU college student at Clark  Atlanta University, and later ventured out to working in Music Marketing and as a freelance writer. She finally made the decision in 2017 to use her passion for people and culture and created Networking Queens. You can find Networking Queens on Instagram at @networkingqueens1 and Miya Brown  IG @msmiyarenita.

For those who aren’t familiar, please tell us about your company Networking Queens Marketing Group? 

Networking Queens (NQ) is a Dallas- based Marketing Company who also services Los Angeles, California. 

NQ specializes in branding and marketing strategy for emerging entrepreneurs of color that inspire their audiences, and drive business growth and results.  NQ brings over 20 years of business savvy and know-how to create new partnerships, interactions, and engagements for its client at the right time, right place, and on the right platforms. We have seasonal events that focuses on building partnerships. As of 2021 we have expanded our clientele in Houston , Texas and Washington DC.

Since starting your company in 2018, what has been the biggest business lesson you’ve learned in the past two to three years?  

The biggest lesson?  Honestly, more so wisdom I’ve gained. It’s important as an entrepreneur to be your own biggest cheerleader. Never depend on people, depend on yourself to make things happen yet build a solid team. Also, the reality is being an entrepreneur can feel overwhelming and lonely,  But trust the process that people see your light and  stay focused on the path that God has for you. 

Who was the first person to #COSIGN your business? And what impact did it have on you and/or your company? 

The first person to #COSIGN my business is definitely the community itself. People I never met but really wanted and needed the guidance of becoming more knowledgeable in branding and marketing, my two events I ever did  was awesome and i appreciate the love Ive received since 2018. 

As a company that hosts events you’ve been directly hit by COVID. How have you been able to pivot?

Yes it was quite a change, since all of our events are in person. BET weekend in Los Angeles event was cancelled. Thank God we have a great relationship with the business owners at the venue downtown LA.  We took the event virtually. Since the pandemic hit, Ive had several virtual events on our Instagram and ZOOM . I had the opportunity to do virtual events with  entrepreneurs Kim Page , Chef Stephaughn Patterson, and my business partner Adrienne Garland.

As a marketing company, from your perspective what are the three main things companies should do to market their product/service? 

Three main things anyone should focus on when marketing your business. 

1. Create valuable content for the viewers . ex on social media, think about what content you want your viewers to know about you or your business

2. Set your goals and budget ex : what is the main objective you want your customers/viewers to know about your product . write down your main goals you need to bring revenue and clientele . Set a budget ( six months to a year ) on  how you plan to execute marketing your business ( website , social media, advertisements) 

3. NETWORK. network equals NET WORTH. Make yourself available . Use your time and energy by meeting people via online, at events (wear your mask:)  .networking is the key to becoming successful. 

You’ve added merch to your business model, wha made you want to go this route?

The Pandemic! Lol. No seriously, I thought it would be dope to do because I know the culture needed something to rock that represents black culture. My good friend  and one of my business partners actually thought of the idea, Dallas based DJ and owner of Keep Spinning DJ Academy, DJ JAY CLIPP. he really gave me the idea to cater to people who support my movement of entrepreneurship . Shout out to JAY!

As a company who focuses on small business owners and entrepreneurs what is one piece of advise you would tell them?

There is Favor on the other side of Fear. Don’t be afraid to fall just make sure you get back up despite set backs. Have a small solid team, and its ok to say NO. And make sure you have a good lawyer and accountant. 🙂 

Last but not least, who are 5 entrepreneurs you #COSIGN and why?

Stephaughn Patterson – IG @kingstephaughn Dope Chicagoan, chef, and business owner who now resides in Downtown Dallas.

Ophelia Atte @opheliaeventaffairs is a fast growing event planner.

Charles is an amazing videographer based in Dallas, Chicago, and Los Angeles IG @cb3thegod .

Layellen Sawyerr, a business owner who owns L.A.Y.D Spaces andjust moved to Dallas from Los Angeles.  IG : @layllen 

Sebastiana is a well known Hair Stylist and entrepreneur  IG @sebastinahair !

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