Name: Miner Deng
Company: Your Marketing Media
Title: Founder – Creative Producer
Instagram: @chinalatinadfw / @minerdeng / @yourmarketingmedia /@tasteandtrytv
Website: www.chinalatinaendfw.com / www.minerdeng.com (working on)
Current Location: McKinney, Texas
Favorite quote: “Be grateful for everything you have and what you have learned. Always be humble and never forget how you started and where you came from and never give up no matter how difficult the situation you are going through. Stay positive.” – Miner Deng.

Miner Deng is a fellow Panamanian, making her mark in Dallas. Her path is a unique one, and has lead her to become an entrepreneur, reporter, influencer, host, and all around bad-ass marketing maven. We became aware of Miner on social media and are huge fans. With examples of strong work ethics at home, she began working in the family business, learning skills that would translate to her own entrepreneurial ventures later in life. Check out our conversation with Miner Deng below to see why we #COSIGN her. #COSIGNLife

For those that may not know, who is Miner Deng and what made you brand yourself as China Latina DFW?

China Latina DFW was created in Dallas when I moved here four years ago. I was born in China and I moved to Panama when I was one year old, I was raised there with both cultures and I love them equally. So my first language is Spanish and I feel more comfortable with that and every time that I speak Spanish in the US, people just get so surprised looking at an Asian speaking fluent Spanish.

I feel very happy to be able to show myself as I am, having two cultures and showing how important this is. Cultures make us as human beings and it is what defines us. Never lose our roots and culture.

It’s always great to chat with a fellow Panamanian. Tell our readers one thing you love about our Panamanian culture?

I’m always so happy and excited to meet Panamanians all around the world! What I love most from the Panamanian culture is that we have a fusion and an influence of many cultures that makes us more tolerant, learn a little bit of each culture and accept everyone equally. We are happy, loud and super friendly, that human affection and warmth characterizes us wherever we go.


Did you grow up in Panama? What part? And how has growing up in Panama shaped you as an entrepreneur?

I did grow up in Panama, actually in David, Chiriqui, a small town close to the border with Costa Rica. What shaped me as an entrepreneur was because my parents had business there and I started working with them from a very young age. I used to be the cashier and for Christmas season I used to wrap the gifts, those were my very first jobs. But my biggest responsibility was when I was 18 years old and I was starting my career at the university. My dad opened a furniture store and gave me that great responsibility. I was in charge of marketing, retail sales and wholesale sales (I visited doctor’s office, hotels, restaurants, universities and other furniture stores) and attended trade shows to buy furniture in China or the United States, visited factories and chose the designs. At that time there was no manual or anyone telling me how to do it, so I had to learn on my own and look for the best strategies to achieve it.

At the same time I traveled to China, I saw the opportunity to create my line of jewelry, everything started for me and little by little, I began to expand it nationally.
All this started from 2003, 2004.

How did you get into the marketing and media industry? What drew you to the field?

I began to create my own marketing strategies, at the time social media wasn’t as strong or influential as it is now. I created many Facebook campaigns, before it was just flyers, commercials on TV or on the radio. Then I created the content for the ads, the content for the commercials on TV, I learned how to take photos and of course at that time personal contact was very important.

You’ve done an amazing job of branding yourself, what are 3 things people should be doing to build their personal brand?

1.) Always be authentic! Show the people the real you, people want to connect with a real person.
2.) Always treat people nicely and with respect! This is big because it is useless if you have great pictures, great content on social media and everything seems so nice and perfect but you do not have a nice personality, or treat people with no respect.
3.) Always be humble and grateful! Remember where you came from, where you started, who helped you, what your struggles were.

You’re the founder of “Your Marketing Media” when did you know it was time to branch out and create your own business? What was that “aha moment?”

I started to see the opportunity here, I started working for a Hispanic newspaper and created content for them and for the digital marketing department. I care more about results and how I can connect with my clients to help them to achieve their goals. So I quit my 8-5 job and started by my own. I wanted to take that risk and here I am. I’m struggling, but helping people and doing what I love.

You’re a pretty successful entrepreneur, what does the next chapter of your entrepreneurial journey look like?

Maybe it’s gonna sounds crazy, but in the future I would love to produce a short TV novela or a series of short videos for YouTube, talking and exposing the Latino culture, and how Latinos react in certain situations. It’s something totally different, but I would love to do that, I don’t know when I’m gonna start, but it’s in my plans.

What’s a typical work day like for you?

Everyday is different for me, depending what I have on my schedule but it’s more likely like this:
Getting up late. Work in the computer all morning, editing, posting pictures, creating something and then I get ready to visit new customers, meet up with current customers, take pictures, create content. Then I work out, could be Zumba or just weights and then I plan what I’m gonna eat. I don’t cook that much, because DFW has SO MANY options of good food. And then I work in my computer until very late, checking my Instagrams at the same time watch some TV novelas, and sometimes making jewelry; that helps me to take my stress out.

There’s not that many famous Panamanians in the US, who are some Panamanians that you think people should know about?

  • ROBERTO ‘MANO DE PIEDRA’ DURAN. He is very famous!!! Former professional boxer. And I loved his movie “Hands of Stone.”
  • RUBEN BLADES, singer, songwriter, actor, musician and politician. Songs that I love is “PEDRO NAVAJA” and “PATRIA.”
  • MARIANO RIVERA, former professional baseball pitcher for the MLB for the NY Yankees.
  • JOE MONTANA, reggaetón singer, he is from my hometown, from my same high school.
  • ERIKA ENDER, singer, songwriter and actress. Co-author of the worldwide hot “Despacito.”

In what way does being a multicultural blogger/influencer help you connect with your audience?

I think having the mix of Chinese and Latino culture, but always respecting all other cultures that I don’t know and I always try to get to know new cultures, new people, interact with them, and try to collab together. Sometimes many people judge when they do not know you, but when you make yourself known as you are, when you share the things you like, certain situations that have happened to you, moments that you want to share, then they feel connected with you and also I always try to be very positive in my posts and my daily life.

As an entrepreneur, what has been your darkest moment and how did you overcome it?

When you doubt yourself, when you don’t get the business or things aren’t happening as you expect. Then I realized that I have to work harder because nobody knows you and you have to try harder to get customers, to get the contract, makes people believe in your work and show what are you capable to do.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

  • Learning four languages
  • Marketing – Sales director and buyer in Mega Muebles (David, Chiriqui) for 10 years.
  • Living in Beijing, China to learn Mandarin for almost two years was a great, rich, and multicultural experience.
  • As a jewelry artist/designer since 2004, I started like a hobby until it launched in Panama Fashion Week 2004 and 2011. Sold it in 15 different stores in Panama. Being part of many magazines articles and covers. Being in many national TV shows like “Tu Mañana” and recently in TELEMUNDO39 “Acceso Total.”
  • Now I have a portfolio of clients like Dairy Queen, Toyota, Pop Factory, massages schools, local restaurants.
  • As an influencer, collaborating with many local business and now the American Rodeo in March.

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