Name: Mila K.
Company: Mila K. Collection
Title: Owner/Creative Director
Instagram: @milakcollection
Website: www.milakcollection.com
Location: Dallas, TX
Favorite Quote: “Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do.”

For those who may not know, who is Mila K? What’s your story?

Mila K. is an avid dreamer who believes that anything is possible through faith, patience, and prayer. My love affair with Fashion began as a young girl playing dress-up in my mother’s walk-in closet. I’d spend hours creating different looks with characters and personalities to match. As an introvert, Fashion is an outlet and form of creative expression for me. Each look allows me to transform into whomever I want to be on any given day. Although my love for Fashion has always been true, our uncertain future often caused me to pursue other professions, but I always, somehow, found my way back. Whether doing freelance styling or working as a retail associate, I’ve remained connected to Fashion over the years. Finally, after working as a Visual Merchandiser for a major retail chain for five years, I decided to follow my heart. It is my love for Fashion that has allowed me to birth the Mila K. Collection, a meticulously curated assembly of flirty, fun, fashion-forward styles. Each piece is hand selected by yours truly and designed to make a statement while helping you feel more beautiful, confident, and fearless. It is my sincere wish that while you’re playing dress up in my closet, you will fall in love as I did as a young girl.

What are some fashion brands that inspire you and that you would want to replicate their success? And why?

Two fashion brands that inspire me are Free People and Forever 21. The Free people brand effortlessly combines fashion and art and celebrates free spirited femininity which is what I aspire to do. As Creative Director I want to do more than just take pictures of my clothing, I want to create a visual story by combining fashion and art. Forever 21 is a million dollar company and the 5th largest retailer in the world and they’ve achieved this all while selling low-cost trendy clothing. I too aim to show women how to create stylish looks without breaking the bank.

Why did you create your brand and what void do you feel that your business fills?

I created my brand because discovering great fashion and creating stylish looks has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I want to share this passion with the world while hopefully helping women to feel more beautiful, confident, and fearless. It’s no secret that online boutiques are everywhere, which means you eventually begin seeing a lot of the same styles. It is my goal to offer unique styles while also presenting multiple styling options and fashion inspiration.

What role does fashion play in your life?

As an introvert fashion is an outlet and form of self expression. I can be whomever I want to be from a no nonsense business woman on the go to a free- spirited bohemian chic.

Tell us about your company and what differentiates you from your competitors?

We are an online fashion boutique for women that offers unique pieces of clothing, handbags, and accessories. We strive to differentiate ourselves from other competitors by offering those one of a kind pieces that you wont find everywhere, setting you and us apart from the crowd.

As much as we love success stories, can you tell us some of your pain points as an entrepreneur and how you overcame them?

There are many sacrifices that you must make as an entrepreneur including time, money, and stability. I wouldn’t say I’ve overcome them all but my Faith allows me to believe that obstacles are designed for me to learn, grow, and become better.

We believe the Power of a #COSIGN is real. Can you tell us how a #COSIGN has impacted your business. Whether it’s been through word of mouth? An influencer #COSIGN or celebrity #COSIGN?

When I first started out most of my business was generated by the “cosigns” of my friends and family. Their belief and faith in me and my brand which they shared with other people allowed me to connect with new people who later became customers.

Last but not least, who do you #COSIGN and why?

1. Desmond – @dloresmedia Talented photographer and videographer
2. Caris – @learnwithcaris Knowledgeable E- commerce strategist
3. Mckenzie @hyacinthcreates Talented up and coming model and dancer
4. Desiree @desireephillipsmua Talented makeup artist
5. Twanna – @personallyshe Beautiful boutique owner
6. Chunte – @musebydyc Talented women’s wear designer
7. Alexis – @theclutchcrush Beautiful boutique owner
8. Nikki – @iamnikkivenus Talented wardrobe and style consultant
9. Keith – @mosmokeinc Owns a great mobile cigar company
10. Ron – @fearlessfitnessdallas Best personal trainer and fitness expert in DFW

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