Marcus Gilmore
Founding Editor of TheCultureSupllier.com

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WEBSITE: TheCultureSupplier.com

Marcus Gilmore is a UNT Graduate and the Founding Editor of TheCultureSupplier.com, a lifestyle website devoted to cultivating and informing the masses. From the early age of 10 years old Marcus knew he wanted to be in the media industry. “My passion for media came from my mentor Ed Brown, who was very involved in media and aviation . Also at my church  I was involved in with the media team filming, production and working with television stations to have our church on air and that was at 10 years old.” From that experience and the past 16 years Marcus has been learning the industry in and out to finally launch his lifestyle site, TheCultureSupplier.com. Only in it’s embryonic stage, TheCultureSupplier.com has already become a staple in the Dallas market.

The idea for creating the site stemmed from lack of positivity in mainstream media. “I would go into work at a previous television station and everything that made the air were negative stories there was no one telling the positive stories that were happening around the world. The Culture Supplier prides itself on informing the culture,” says Marcus. The site is home to a plethora of content. You can find everything from stories on the latest news, information on investing, credit cards, health, women culture , sports and more.

With one year under his belt we were curios to know where Marcus sees him and the brand in the next four to five years. “In the next 5 years I see my self growing into my brand more and more. Evolving and understanding what people come to me for and why they follow me. Its one thing to say yea I have the culture supplier or I am always out in the city but when I show my power of influence that is what matters. For example #NationalGoalWritingDay , by the way shoutout to Cosign Mag for participating. But that day I showed my power of influence from taking an idea out of my head and pushing it to my followers. There were people who stopped their day to participate and think about what they wanted to achieve in 2017 and it worked. Be on the look out for 2017 #NationalGoalWritingDay”

We #COSIGN Marcus Gilmore for consistently pushing the Dallas culture forward and being a positive example of what hard work accomplishes. Over the past five years Marcus has grown from a student to a leader and his networking and execution abilities are incomparable. Continue to flourish brethren!

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