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Mackenzie Perez grew up in Sonora, TX a small town in West Texas. The first album she ever bought was Bone Thugs N Harmony’s “E. 1999 Eternal” when she was only seven years old. ” I grew up listening to everything from Hip Hop, Country, Tejano, I loved it all,” says Mackenzie. During her senior year in college she realized she wanted to enter the music and entertainment industry. “I was the person people went to for new music and I knew a lot of artists through social media because I would always tweet or post their music. I started feeling like its where I wanted to be so I studied people in the industry and began to attend events, concerts, etc,” she says. A few years later, Mackenzie has worked with Industry power house Scoremore Shows and countless amount of artists all across the nation.

Mackenzie first started working with Scoremore in 2012, when she moved to Houston. “I’ve known Sascha (Founder of Scoremore) since we were freshmen at UT and I went to a lot of their shows in Austin, so I knew it was a great company to work for. I did everything from passing out flyers, putting up posters, whatever they needed,” she recalls. It was through the independent grind where Mackenzie built up her network and perfected her hustle.

Over the years Mackenzie’s responsibility with Scoremore has grown to where she is now an important role in the operation. “For Scoremore, I help with promoting the shows and hospitality at our Houston shows and festivals. Hospitality includes handling the artist’s riders, prepping the green rooms and ensuring the artists and crew have a good experience and everything they need that day.” She also plays a major role at Scope, where she is one of the original members and have been working with them since the first show in 2013. “We really work as a team on all aspects of the shows from coordinating vendors to promotions. We also have an annual SXSW show and last year I was given the opportunity to curate the lineup and coordinate all of of artists for the show.”

In 2015 Mackenzie launched “The Mack List”, which is a weekly playlist she curates on soundcloud to promote the music she’s currently listening to. In the next five years she plans to build The Mack Lit into a bigger platform for new artists to get heard. “I am a believer in the underdog and love to find new artists. The Mack List will be expanding this year into a full website to include the playlists, exclusive behind the scenes content with the artists I include on my lists. I also do some freelance PR and marketing strategy work,” says Mackenzie

For those looking to enter the music business Mackenzie believes you should stay true to yourself an surround yourself with people who inspire you.We #COSIGN Mackenzie Perez for following her dreams and chasing her passion from the small town of Sonora, TX to Houston.

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