Lee Escobedo
Freelance Writer & Editor-In-Chief at Artist Uprising

Instagram: @CH0L0_G0TH

Writer Lee Escobedo grew up in South Dallas and Oakcliff and was into low-riders, absurdist theatre, anime, the New York Knicks, post-modern art, Southern Gothic literature and underground comic books as a kid. He went on to found a magazine (THRWD) that eventually won him “Best Publication” from the Dallas Observer. When we asked Lee to tell us more about himself, our heads were spinning with the impressive amount of contributing writer gigs the Dallasite has racked up. The art-savvy journalist currently contributes to Berlin Art Link, Glasstire, Arts and Culture Texas Magazine, Nasher Magazine, PATRON Magazine, and The Dallas Morning News.

“I ran a DIY punk magazine for four years, evolving it into a brand, with a curated monthly dance night, over 10 art exhibitions, and over 50 experiential, avant-garde concerts,” Lee says. “I became sought out not just as a writer, but a tastemaker as well. Since 2016, I have narrowed my focus to writing strictly for print with a focus on large, breaking culture stories and art criticism.” And in a world where the consensus is that “print is dead,” Lee has a different perspective, especially having written for nearly every publication in the city. “I believe certain types of print is dying, such as the daily, which can not keep up with digital journalism. I do believe, and the market reflects this, high quality annuals, of carefully curated niche topics, are thriving more than ever, like the new publication I edit, ‘Artist Uprising,'” he says.

Lee’s bee featured on NPR twice for his work in Dallas.  He sees it as his biggest biggest accomplishment to date. That, and bringing Dallas’ Lord Byron and noise musician Teen Slut together for an experimental theatre production at the Nasher Sculpture Center.

Quite often, he’s asked to pass advice on to aspiring writers. He says, “Try and fail as much as possible. It builds character. Embrace failure. Always go against expectations people might have of you, and make inclusivity and ethical representation a priority.”

In 2017, Lee plans to curate Dallas-based artists and musicians in never-before given opportunities, including in front of international audiences at world-renowned museums and galleries.  He sees his role as setting the bar Dallas music shows.

We #COSIGN Lee Escobedo for his great work in the print world and his dedication to the scene and the city. 

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