Name: Lauren “Tula” Poindexter
Company: Tula Talks Entertainment
Title: Media Personality, Digital Lifestyle Coach and 2018 Miss Louisiana United States
Instagram: @TulaOnTv
Website: www.tulatalks.com
Location: Washington D.C. / Atlanta, Georgia / New Orleans, Louisiana
Favorite Quote: “Never be afraid of trying something new. Remember amateurs built the Ark and professionals built the Titanic”

Becoming Miss Louisiana United States 2018 is just one of Lauren “Tula” Poindexter many accomplishments.  The pageant winner is an accomplished entrepreneur and media personality, with a desire to make an impact on culture and media narratives. She has created her own platform and used it to do just that.  She has also used her company to work with some prestigious events and organizations. Read below as to why we #COSIGN Tula.

What’s your story?
I always knew I wanted to be on TV when I was younger. I would watch shows on Nickelodeon and wonder how they got inside of my TV because I wanted to join them! Although acting is my first love, my journey as a media personality began shortly after the murder of Trayvon Martin. I didn’t appreciate how mainstream media tried to paint him as the bad guy, and I felt compelled to be the change I wanted to see. I wanted to help change the narrative. From that point, I set out on the journey to get picked up as an on-air host. When I tell you, I have auditioned for numerous shows and kept getting rejected. So I used those “No’s” to fuel my passion even more and started my own blog and YouTube show. Shortly after receiving my Bachelor of Science degree in Broadcast Journalism from Bowie State University, I created Tula Talks Entertainment LLC to produce content that entertained and inspired my viewers. I’ve had the opportunity to cover amazing events such as the Armed Forces Farewell Ceremony for President Barack Obama, Super Bowl 50, New York Fashion Week, NBA All-Star Weekend, among other notable events. I’ve also conducted on-camera interviews with various celebrity guests like Michael B. Jordan, Joy-Ann Reid, Symone Sanders, and more. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have more than a few things going on at once, so in addition to this, I am also a Pageant Queen and Miss Louisiana United States 2018.

As a child, what were your career aspirations?
I always wanted to be a pediatrician. I absolutely adored the strength of my pediatrician, Dr. Karen Carrington, and I wanted to follow in her footsteps. But during middle school, I discovered my love for liberal arts and acting and it totally shifted my future career paths. I think what I admire most about Dr. Carrington was her ability to help others and I wanted to do that. I am still able to do that through my platform so in a sense it’s confirmation that I am exactly where I am meant to be.

What was your blueprint to launching/creating Tula Talks Entertainment?
My blueprint was research, knowing my purpose and understanding God’s pace for my career.

Tell us about your personal brand and what differentiates you from your competitors.
I am a media personality, digital lifestyle coach and Miss Louisiana United States 2018. I am most known for my show “Tula Talks,” where I cover the hottest events and produce content that entertains and inspires my viewers. I am also a mental health advocate who focuses on bridging the gap between mental health resources and those who need them. What sets me apart from others is my dedication for balance and truth in all that I do.

As much as we love success stories, can you tell us some of your pain points as an entrepreneur and how you overcame them?
The biggest obstacle I faced was trying to balance my “Nine-to-Five,” which had absolutely nothing to do with media, while still pouring into myself and my brand. I found myself using my “secure job” as a safety net and crutch. Although my job was a huge blessing that funded my ventures for the past eight years, I decided to take a leap of faith and walked away from it this past March to pursue my purpose and passions as a full-time entrepreneur.

We believe in the Power of a #COSIGN. Tell us how a #COSIGN has impacted your business.
When people who are already working in the industry COSIGN and support my work, it brings a level of support and validation that confirms I am going in the right direction. I’ve had the privilege of professors vouch for me, which has gotten me in new doors of opportunity and am also a graduate from the W.E.E.N. Academy, which has connected me with a network of professionals who know [that] by completing the program, I have a high level of training and work ethics.

COSIGN Media specializes in increasing a company’s digital presence, can you tell us a few things you did early in your business to market your brand?
I rely heavily on social media and word of mouth. Understanding the power of networking and exchanging social media handles while out at events allows me to connect with new people. Understanding the importance of connecting with my audience during exciting events via Instagram live sessions and being transparent, on top of staying consistent with content has really helped market my brand.

Where do you see your company one year from now?
I see my company producing content such as documentaries and short series to be streamed on services such as Netflix and Hulu, in hopes that it will invoke social and systematic change on topics impacting our culture and nation.

Who do you #COSIGN and why?
I COSIGN Keisha and Mariah from The PR Alliance because these are two women who are powerhouses and are getting things done for their clients no matter what, while still balancing their personal lives. They are the future leaders of the public relations industry.

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