As cliché as it may sound, who is LaRussia Peters?

I truly wear many hats. I’m a mother, a friend, a lover and helper. I’m also the owner and operator of LNP HairCare.

What’s your story? What led you to create LNP Haircare?

I’ve been in the beauty industry for many years now. At a young age, I was blessed enough to receive my calling which was to service others and style hair. I have been growing and styling hair for over 18 years and licensed for 10 years. Ever since, I have been developing and advancing at my craft.

You specialize in Healthy Haircare can you explain what made you want to focus on this aspect of hair?

I wanted to be able to educate people on the importance of hair and scalp care.

Tell us about your product line. What was the process of creating this and what products do you currently offer?

After seeing many people suffer from scalp issues such as hair loss and issues with derm layers. They were not knowledgeable on what their hair needed. I was motivated to create my own haircare line to help others achieve healthy hair. LNP Haircare offers Stimulating System which includes Shampoo and Conditioner, Edge Snatcher (edge control), Set & Foam Wrap, Silk Press Serum, Shine Gloss, and our #1 seller: Hair Growth Oil.

Who is someone in the beauty industry (hair specifically) that motivates and inspires you and why?

Kim Kimble and Courtney Adeleye inspires me so much. They both have their own product lines. I love that Kim Kimble has been in the industry for a very long time. She stays relevant and she expands her business and works with a lot people within the entertainment industry. Courtney, I love she educates her community and is such a motivator to others around her.

You’ve styled during the GRAMMY & BET Award Weekends and have styled for many events in the city as well, what has been your biggest accomplishment thus far?

My biggest accomplishment has been making a name for myself. I remember the times where I would be sitting around waiting for someone to show up to get their hair done. Now business is steady and continuously growing to the point where bigger opportunities have come for me to do events like the Grammys.

People buy into people, what is something about yourself that you’re extremely proud of that people may not know?

I am most proud of my brand. I have my own shop; I have my own haircare products. I wanted to make sure all women of color, shape and sizes could be included. Even in the photoshoots, I choose women that are relatable and not cookie cutter representation of what society sees as standardized beauty.

Who would you say is the first person that #COSIGNed you and helped you believe you could create LNP Haircare?

My mother, Anita Peters, has always been my biggest fan. Innovative Campaigns, my web designer, best friend, Global Vision Content Creator, and Videographer. KWAY Branding (publicist), Calvin Brown (Photographer) and my personal assistant and friend, Victoria Wilson

What has been the most difficult aspect of being a beauty entrepreneur and how did you overcome it?

Building clientele took time in the beginning. You have people coming in for their first time and sometimes they have had negative experiences with other stylists so they’re looking for a better experience. I make sure that I give them the best experience with LNP Haircare. Budgeting was also difficult. Legal aspects, Finances, Expenses were also things I had to learn to balance.

Last but not least, who are 5 people in the beauty industry you #COSIGN? Please list their IG as well

Arieon Duty: @Remy_Dupree

Jada Lawrence-Colins: @thelaceeraser_

Beautyy and the Beat: @msbeautyandthebeat

Nichole Battles and Shaniece Sanders: @PainTransformedBoutique

Sandra Scott: @The_Yello_Kloset

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