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Kristin McIntyre
Stylist | Fashion Editor | Image Consultant

Instagram: @KNICMAC

Kristin McIntyre is a stylist, fashion editor, and image consultant based in Dallas, TX. As an adolescent, Kristin spent most of her time on the phone, changing her hair multiple times a day, or recording her favorite jams on the radio. “I stayed mostly to myself with a focus on becoming a songwriter. I’m a woman of written words not spoken, my verbal thoughts tend to either cut too deep or become lost in translation,” she says. Most creators, tend to stay to themselves for similar reasons Kristin mentions. Although, Kristin didn’t always have the intentions on becoming a stylist there were small signs such as perfecting her hairdo that would lead her to becoming one of Dallas’ premiere stylists and fashion editors, which many in the fashion industry #COSIGN.

With an impressive resume, Kristin’s biggest accomplishment to date has nothing to do with fashion. “My biggest accomplishment is becoming a mother, nothing else will ever measure,” says Kristin. As a father, I definitely #COSIGN that response.

As a mother, wife, and entrepreneur life can become overwhelming but Kristin is destined for greatness and plans on being on the cover of Forbes in the next 5 years. “With resilience, I’ve never been given a test I couldn’t pass,” says Kristin when asked how she deals with adversity. Check out our interview below in its entirety to find out why we #COSIGN Kristin McIntyre and you should too! #COSIGNLife

Growing up did you know that you wanted to become a stylist?
Actually no, I just knew that I wanted to carve my own space in the fashion world; in what aspect, I’m still trying to figure that part out.

How did you get your start as a stylist?
It was more of a leap than a start. A week before my 32nd birthday I was sitting in my favorite chair having an introverted moment while watching my favorite movie, The Firm when I was overcome by an epiphany. It was that very moment that I decided to boot up and launch a styling firm called The Fad Firm (fashion.art.drive). A week later, I booked a photographer, a model, and glam squad, executed a concept, submitted the work and became a published stylist. My very first project, published, seriously? That was the only confirmation, aside from GOD’s that I needed.

Who inspires you the most in your industry?
Hands down, June Ambrose, she paved the way and crossed over the cultural lines that continuously create fashion barriers. She’s the epitome of a true style icon.

How does your brand improve the industry you’re currently in?
Cliché responses are the bane of my existence, however my hope is that my brand inspires other aspiring stylists in this industry to push and create their own form of expression through the art of style. I always strive to convey a consistent message to look beyond the white walls and find your true colors. To be the crayon not the box.

What all services do you provide?
That depends on the number of zeros, ha just kidding. I offer personal shopping, personal / brand styling, and lifestyle makeovers.

How has social media improved your brand?
Social media has been a tremendous platform in improving my brand since 3 years ago when I was totally clueless about the purpose of a hashtag. Every year I strive to effectively utilize the platform in an effort to reinvent myself and to add clarity to my message. Instagram in particular has over a million marketing templates, if you’re struggling with your brand appearance and you need ideas, look there first.

When it’s all said and done what do you want your legacy to be?
A representation of iconic moments mixed with style and philanthropy.

We #COSIGN Kristin McIntyre for her amazing style and ability to change people’s lives through fashion.

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