Jordan Hankins
Instagram: @jordanlhankins
Website: www.TopNotchLocating.com
Location: Dallas & Houston, Texas

Jordan Hankins is the director of operations and co-founder of TopNotch Locating, a boutique apartment locating company. She grew up in Dallas, and as a child, all she knew she wanted out of a career was to make good money. “Being extremely successful has always been the goal,” she says. “Neither of my parents graduated college but both are super successful and they have always been an inspiration to me. I was taught the responsibility of paving my own way from a young age and I think that’s where my work ethic evolved. I always had a job! From sixteen to nineteen I was in the service industry … I got into the property management industry when I was in college and I really haven’t left since.”

After spending some time in the leasing and property management field, she realized that she wanted the flexiblility of working for herself, so at 24, she quit her job and pursued real estate full-time. She began with houses, but didn’t find it fulfilling. “Although I grew up in Dallas, I have family in New York City and from a young age I have always been inspired by high-rises and the city life,” she says. “After helping families buy and sell homes my first months as a realtor, I realized I enjoyed helping people find amazing apartments in the city.”

From there, Jordan and her broker, Sabrina Jaber, decided to create an apartment locating company, TopNotch Locating. “We wanted a boutique luxury company that focused in luxury apartment buildings in the city,” she says. And she was able to build up her business through Instagram and through bulding relationships. “I love networking and meeting new people,” she says. “Every time I meet someone new I make sure to have some form of contact info. Most people do not realize the importance of keeping good relationships with others because they could either be your next client or refer you your next client.” So to build and maintain those relationships, TopNotch hosts quarterly pop up art shows at apartment communities throughout the city, as a opportunity to network. “Who doesn’t love art, happy hour, and amazing views from the newest apartment building in your community?”

And while she has found the flexibility that she desired early on, her days stay busy. “Anyone who has ever started a company knows you wear so many hats when being an entrepreneur. Every day I am doing something different,” she says. “I love that I have a job where my iPhone is literally my office. Day to day I am working on recruiting new agents, creating content for our social media or blog, or finding different ways to market our company. I recently moved to Houston to open a new office so I am starting from scratch again to promote TopNotch in a new city!”

The ultimate entrepreneur, she knows that she’ll never be satisfied building someone else’s dream. “The most important thing to me is to be able to have a life where I get to travel, have time to be with the ones I love, and do something for a living that excites me,” Jordan says. Her goal is to have TopNotch offices in multiple states, in multiple cities, and to monetize her blog, thehustlersparadise.com, where she offers tips and tricks to help aspiring entrepreneurs and feature amazing places to live around the world. “My end goal is to help women grow their businesses,” she says.

We #COSIGN Jordan Hankins for finding her niche and running with it and for being successful in something she enjoys.

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