Name: Jordan Gill
Title: Founder of Systems Saved Me + Pimp Your Podcast
Website: systemssavedme.com + pimpyourpodcast.com
Location: Dallas, TX
Favorite Quote: “If your business can’t run without you, then you don’t have a business. You have a job.” Michael E. Gerber

“I am a jigsaw puzzle master + systems fanatic,” says Jordan Hill when asked to describe herself. We first met Jordan Gill roughly two years ago at an event hosted by the People’s Voice PR Agency in the Dallas Design District and  have been a huge fan of her work ever since. “Business efficiency is my love language. I am a daughter of a college football coach and sister to a brilliant sports content creator. I have been here in Dallas for 4 years, but have moved 12 times in my life. I’ve been an entrepreneur for 2.5 years making 6 figures consistently from the beginning. Definitely a blessing from God.”

What initially attracted me to Jordan was her authenticity, openness, and her knowledge of business. One thing I personally struggle at as an entrepreneur is creating systems and processes so that my company can operate without me. When I began to do my research on her, you know the basics Instagram, Facebook, and her website I was intrigued how Systems Saved Me actually works and thought it would be a great tool for business owners and I wanted to share with our audience.

Luckily for us we were able to ask Jordan a few questions about her business model and entrepreneurship and have provided our Q&A below.

First question, we noticed you like Pina Coladas.. Virgin or with rum? lol

Pina coladas are a symbol to our clients that they can take time off in their business. So obviously with rum 🙂

 As a kid what did you want to be when you grew up? If you’re not doing it, what do you think happened?

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an actress. Really all I wanted was to wear dope clothes. Thankfully I found out that I don’t have to act to have a good sense of fashion.

You’re the founder of “Systems Saved Me” we have to know, how has systems saved you and how can it help other creators/entrepreneurs like myself?

System save me every day. The beauty of systems is that they give you the freedom of doing what you want, when you want. People get into entrepreneurship because they want the freedom, but there is such a thing as “too much freedom.” Systems allow myself and my clients to serve THEIR clients at a higher level because they aren’t having to be their own glorified secretary. There is a way to deliver incredible client experience while still getting sleep 🙂

What was your aha moment in creating this company?

Honestly, I got a nudge from God who said to leave my job (when I had no plans to previously). So I gave 6 weeks notice once a project was completed and I figured it out. The only person I can bet on is myself so I know that I can do anything when I obey God’s will. I took my knowledge from being the head of operations and figured out a way to multiply myself over a few companies + make 4x a month doing it.

Without giving away too much for free, what are some basic systems EVERY entrepreneur should incorporate into their business?

Oh my goodness. It could fill a novel. But the basics are this: you MUST have a sales pipeline system that is automated. Whether it’s a simple form on your website that vets your leads or a templated email response, stop manually responding to leads. The second system is inbox management. Email is a time suck + you are missing out on opportunities or decreasing your client experience when you aren’t timely with correspondence.

You’re also the founder of “Pimp Your Podcast” so that makes you an OG podcaster, right? From your perspective what are the benefits of launching a podcast compared to other platforms?

Not sure if 2.5 years as a podcaster makes me an OG but why not! Oh my goodness. The main benefit of launching a podcast is the instant authority booster it give you. To say you’re a “blogger” doesn’t have much merit. But to have a podcast, it feels like you have your own radio or TV show on the Internet. You can get access to dope guests because of your platform + even make money through sponsors. Everyone is having dope conversations so why not make money from taking it public?

For someone wanting to launch a podcast how can your company help them?

My company helps with them with all of their post production. This can include editing, shownotes, graphics, and blog posts. While podcasting is simple, it doesn’t make it easy. There are a lot of moving parts that are extremely tedious. Just let us take it over. One of our clients with a pet industry podcast was able to double her downloads in 2 months since we took over + had one of her dream podcast guest’s teams pitch to be interviewed.

Back to Systems Saved Me, was this your first entrepreneurial endeavor? What made you want to leave the comfort of having a steady paycheck to become your own boss?

This was my first entrepreneurial endeavor yes! For me, I wasn’t really looking to leave my job at the time. But God knocked on my heart to take the leap when I was SOOO not ready. But when God says jump, I jump. There are two types of people: bridge builders + bridge jumpers. I was the latter. I had about $3,000 saved up in the bank when I decided to take the leap. And within my 6 week notice, I was able to secure $12,000/month recurring revenue. I was ready to eat ramen + live in the basement of a dentist office, however God had other plans. All I had was a website, LLC and bank account. I didn’t even have an Instagram.

You spend a lot of time interviewing others and sharing their stories. What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned from one of your interviews and who was it with?

Episode 93 with Adam Urbanski is one of my top interviews and was one of my favorites. I didn’t know him previous to our time together and he just poured SO MUCH value into my audience. His interview was about how to have a highly personalized sales system, which speaks right to my heart. The lesson I learned from him was valuable about how you can have an automated system AND make your clients feel like it’s personal to them. So brilliant.

As an entrepreneur what has been your darkest moment and how did you overcome it?

My darkest moment was probably when I had 2 consecutive months of straight $0 in revenue. I thought I was going to close my doors, but instead really leaned into my hustle mode and was able to secure $15,000 in sales in 2 weeks. Sometimes being resourceful can be your biggest advantage. Entrepreneurship is an up and down journey so you can’t think that once you hit X amount of revenue, you’re good. No way – you’ve got to continue the momentum to keep the business growing.

When it’s all said and done how do you want people to remember you?

My number one strength is significance, which means I care about how significant of an impact I made on people. I want people to remember me as someone who helped them go on that awesome vacation with their spouse, or helped them pick up their kiddo from school every day, or even someone who helped them flex a boundary on their client to give them more peace of mind. I’m a giver by nature so I love being appreciated for how I make people feel when I’m able to support them in their business.

Last but not least, please list 10 entrepreneurs/creators you #COSIGN along with their IG handle.

Jereshia Hawk – @jereshiahawk
Erin Lindstrom – @erinlindstrom
Lindsay Padilla – @drlindsaypadilla
Reina Pomeroy – @reinaandcompany
Amber Azziza – @amber_azziza
Kaitee Tyner – @moonbodysoul
Ida Sofia – @evilqueen
Cassandra Sethi – @nextlevelwardrobe
Amanda Muhammad – @makomindfulness
Clarissa Rodriguez – @sherocksatcollege

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