Today we’d like to introduce you to Jenn Hardwick.
I found a love for self-discovery and entrepreneurship very early in my journey. Working for another person just wasn’t in my plans. What I didn’t expect was my journey to become my product. I have such a passion for being authentic and transparent that I just couldn’t ignore the fact I wasn’t okay with attaching my name to just anything to make money. If I would endorse a product it had to represent me I had to believe in it! I took my interest: self discovery, mental health, and goal setting and turned that into Inspired. I knew I wanted to spark the next to be the best version of herself. What better way to do so than to Inspire and present products to start the conversation for better health and essentially more wealth.
Inspired is an online store that houses athleisure; a style of clothing typically worn during athletic activities and in other settings, such as at the workplace, at school, or at other casual or social occasions. We promote self-love featuring quotes for mind, vibrant and intentional colors for the soul, and fly fits for the body! Reminding our supporters to vibrate high our clothes are comfortable, fashionable, and convenient. 

We first became familiar with you during your time on reality TV. We know times have changed, but can you tell us the process even being casted or how to get into reality TV for our audience who may want to pursue it?

I always knew I wanted to get paid for being me however I didn’t know how I would go about it. I would search the internet for opening castings, as that used to be the way to be discovered in Los Angeles. I came across a casting for MTV’s Real World. I submitted my paperwork but I wouldn’t receive a callback until a year later. Once I was called in for a face to face interview the process went on for yet another year. Once I was cleared to film my offer was switched to Bad Girls Club Season 9 Mexico but of course nothing has ever come easy for me, and I was hit with yet  another minor setback. The day before leaving to film I was called and told my paperwork wasn’t correct and wouldn’t be able to join the cast in Mexico. Disappointed was an understatement but being relentless and understanding that timing is everything I just knew that wasn’t the end of the road for me. Although I wouldn’t get a call for about four months I began to film myself at the time I didn’t even know why I was doing it but later that same video would turn into my intro for Bad Girls club Season 10 Atlanta. 

As an entrepreneur and influencer what did you learn from your time on reality TV?

I learned so many lessons during my time on reality TV but the most important was to understand that reality TV is a platform for major exposure, and what you do with that exposure is your most important move. Everyone has a job and the producers jobs are to ensure a great show is created and your job is to ensure to build a brand that will weather any storm. Remaining authentic, and relentless to whatever you are working towards and overall understanding there will be obstacles but that’s not a dead end and instead just a chance to show strength. 
What initially attracted you to entrepreneurship and was Inspired your first go at building your own business?
It’s crazy because growing up I didn’t know that entrepreneurship was even a thing. I feel like these past few years that word has become more fluent. Growing up I had worked plenty of jobs but could never understand how I was building someone else’s dream essentially. No one around me understood what I was trying to do. lol half the time I didn’t understand either. One thing was for sure I felt like my talent was being wasted working at the plenty of jobs I worked at (McDonalds, Build A Bear, Bank of America just to name a few) I just knew I never wanted to work for anyone. I was always a kid that did a lot of self reflection and journaling, I was an athlete as well so when it came time to build my brand and business I knew I wanted to speak to the younger me’s of the world. I wanted to provide a blueprint for others to follow. I wanted to represent a possibility that’s how “Inspired” was born.
 You said something that really intrigued me. “If I would endorse a product it had to represent me, I had to believe in it!” This shows us the power of a #COSIGN. Could you talk to us from your experience on how powerful a #COSIGN / endorsement is?
I always considered myself a student of the game. I watched brands grow and I do my best to learn from those around me. In my own right I have secretly predicted a lot of the success in the brands I see flourishing today. #COSIGN was an important endorsement as the brand represented me and my brand Inspired, giving entrepreneurs a space to give insight on the process and I’m sort of a geek about the process. I understand that’s where the winners are made. So in terms of importance Cosign solidified I was on the right path. Alignment ! I love when the work or the people you have crossed paths with speak highly of you and see value in working alongside you because in this business power of a #COSIGN means everything!
What decisions led up to you leaving reality TV, a guaranteed check, to pursue entrepreneurship?
Reality TV had run its course for me. I was still in a position where I worked for someone, I ultimately waited for the network to sign off on my checks. Which just always did not sit right with me. I set a standard over myself and reality Tv just wouldn’t respect my boundaries so It was the perfect time to branch off into entrepreneurship. I had gained an audience and the ball was in my court.
Talk to us about goal setting, how do you approach goal setting? And how do you pivot when you don’t reach a goal on the deadline you set for it?
I’m a major goal setter. I’m big on vision boards and affirmations. I know the power of having a goal and the difference it makes in your day to day routine. There’s been plenty of times I didn’t meet a goal and I’ll be the first to admit I’m very hard on myself. I keep a lot of notebooks and white boards to ensure I’m making progress each day. I created the Bad
Girls Guided journal for this very reason I struggled with staying consistent especially after hitting a roadblock. I know first hand how hard it is to reach a goal but I also know the satisfaction received once that goal is hit and I just always felt it was my duty to learn and then share with whomever was willing to listen. The guided journal helps you understand when these moments are present. I created activities inside that help you be honest on your weaknesses and strengths. The biggest game changer was when I was able to recognize when I fell into my old habits of inconsistency. So now when I hit a roadblock I first recognize I’m being tested, then I see it as an opportunity. 

Tell us more about Inspired. What made you choose this name and how does Inspired stand out amongst your competitors?

Inspired is a lifestyle. Everything about Inspired is intentional, from the vibrant colors selected; each to omit a different vibration for the soul, and fly fits for the body! What sets Inspired apart from any other brand is the intention set behind each item sold. Reminding our supporters to vibrate high our clothes are comfortable, fashionable, and convenient. We feature a Bad girls Guided journal with self- help activities, journal space, and a dateless calendar. 

What is your overall vision for Inspired? From it’s inception, to where it’s at now, to your version of owning a successful brand what does that look like for you and Inspired?

The overall mission was to build the sporty entrepreneur inside and out. In the beginning we focused on athleisure. The goal was to become the most affordable brand, but the mission was always to support and evoke self love. The Guided journals were created for the inner work helping build discipline, self-reflection, and organization. We are continuing to grow and we have seen  our supporters bloom as well. 

How do you personally remain inspired throughout your journey?

I draw inspiration from everything around me, I guess I feel but most importantly my daughter but on the days I’m struggling I listen to podcasts like “Therapy For Black Girls” and “Crowned Affirmations,” are some of my favorite ways to get myself refocused and motivated.

And knowing what you know now how do you use your experiences to inspire others?

I’m constantly learning new concepts and ways to inspire. I share quotes online, some of my favorite books I’m reading and podcasts that I found to be helpful. Also, I try my best to be transparent on the building of my business, showing behind the scenes, upcoming items and my preparation process during a live stream on instagram, But the Bad girls guided journals have all the gems needed to help anyone get out their own way. 

What’s one thing you’ve learned about building a brand and being an entrepreneur that you wish you had the information before you started this journey?

My building process was needed. My business was built through that process itself, so I guess the one thing I learned and wish I knew was you can’t skip the process. 

Last but not least, who are 5 women entrepreneurs you #COSIGN and why? Also, please share their IG handles.

I’m inspired by so many women entrepreneurs but my top 5 would have to be:
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