Jeannie Ly
Fashion Blogger & Creative Director

Instagram: @JEANSBLY
Website: jeanniely.co

“I love how free fashion is. I love its movement and the statement it makes. I love how you can be free to be you and style how you like without any rules.” – Jeannie Ly on her love for fashion.

Take that jump or you’ll never fly. If you never jump, you’ll never soar, says Jeannie Ly when asked what advice she would give to an aspiring creator. Jeannie Ly is a fashion blogger and creative director that currently resides in Houston, TX. Her Instagram holds an impeccable aesthetic and she can be confused as a model instead of a stylist. As an adolescent growing up in Houston Jeannie was into dogs, art and crafting. “I drew my own paper dolls with different outfits. I also sewed my own Barbie doll’s outfits and pillows. I got it from my mama,” she says. Fast forward a few years and her early passion would transcend into a fulfilling career.

After taking fashion design classes in High School, Jeannie realized fashion was her true calling. Upon graduation she attended the University of Houston to pursue a degree in Fashion Merchandising and would continue to perfect her craft on the side by designing and freelancing.

Although she has made tremendous progress, Jeannie’s journey has been filled with winding roads. After leaving a past relationship and on the verge of a huge promotion as a general manager in corporate America, Jeannie took a leap of faith, packed all of her things, and as a single mom moved to NYC with whatever money she had in her savings account. “I didn’t have a plan. I didn’t know what I was going to do. However, I knew that I had to get away from Texas. My cousin who lives in Brooklyn was a blessing and welcomed me into her apartment. Before I left, a good friend gifted me with a Canon 6D DSLR, all equipped with accessories. He said he wanted me to continue being creative and to never stop chasing my dreams. At the time, I already gave up and had no idea what I was going to do with the camera. Plus, I didn’t even know how to capture pictures! One day in New York, a friend, I call her my “twin”, took a picture of me with that camera. I told her to stop, she continued to shoot and said, “But you’re so pretty! Stop moving!” I then got the camera back from her and started strolling through the photos. She was right.” It was at that moment, that Jeannie never looked back and created her brand.

As a fashion blogger, Jeannie has the opportunity to travel frequently for work. We were curious to know how some of her favorite markets differentiate in style. “I love New York’s effortless, realness, and European edge. Everybody minds their own business and they aren’t afraid to be their own. Opinions really just don’t matter. For LA, I love its sunny warm vibes and sexiness. With Houston, I like a lot of its bohemian, rugged craftsmanship and hand-made creations.”

The fashion industry is one of the most difficult industries to infiltrate and become a part of. Artists such as Kanye West have been very vocal about his difficulties and that’s coming from a world renowned artist and successful designer whose have had sold out collections. But artists tend to find the beauty in the struggle and learn to enjoy the journey. “Overcoming my fears, believing and falling in love with myself, and really enjoying every single step of the way even when it gets tough. Once you overcome the challenges, it only makes you better and stronger,” says Jeannie in regards to her biggest accomplishment to date.

What is success? Is success being wealthy? Is success having multiple degrees? Jeannie defines success by having determination, having peace within yourself, and being the best version of yourself even when you don’t have or know it all. “Success is keeping that positive attitude, mindset, and spirit. Success is being able to switch your mindset because if you’re not thinking, you’re not living. Success is when you know how and when to put your emotions away and not take anything personally,” she says.
We #COSIGN Jeannie for facing adversity head on and never giving up on her dreams. We’re inspired by her creativity and are glad to be able to share her story.

Below are a few people and places Jeannie #COSIGNs.

What stylists, creative directors, and fashion bloggers inspire you?
Margaret Zhang by far, is my favorite stylist and creative director. My favorite fashion blogger is The Haute Pursuit.

Favorite place to shop for yourself.
Premonition Designs

Name a photographer you #COSIGN in NYC and LA.
Justin Ryan Kim in NYC and Stephanie Vu in LA

Favorite place to eat in NYC and LA.
Jaiya Thai in NYC and Rice Bar in LA

Favorite place to grab a drink in NYC and LA.
Le Bain in NYC and Philz Coffee in LA

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