As cliche as it sounds, who is Janel Fields? What’s your story?

Who am I? I am a woman of many gifts and trades but my love language is food. It is my purpose, my calling and my passion. My goal is to educate and show you that food can still be healthy and delicious at the same time! I am a lover of all things food and living in the moment of that experience.

Originally from NY, what brought you to DFW?

I transitioned to Dallas, Texas right after receiving my undergrad degree from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in Biochemistry. No words can express the amount of opportunities I have been presented with since relocation in 2014. 

How did you get your start in culinary arts and what made you want to specialize in fresh and healthy meals?

At the beginning of 2018, I realized a gap when it came to healthier meal options within my close circle of family and friends. After dealing with my own personal health challenges, I began with the approach that fresh green produce food items (such as spinach, kale, etc.) should be incorporated into every meal we consume. I launched Field of Greens DFW in early 2018, which began with a few corporate clients at CVS and Blue Cross Blue Shield and has grown tremendously since. Even though culinary school is not in my background, I studied food science, safety techniques, knife etiquette, women’s entrepreneurship and shadowed several chefs to see what their day to day looks like in their restaurants so that I am equipped for when it is time for me to open my own. 

Meal prepping has become extremely popular over the years, in your opinion why do you think people are deciding to outsource their meals?

The main reason people are hiring out and outsourcing their meals is because of convenience. As our lives become more and more hands on, we spend less time trying to produce the food sources needed and begin to hire out. Meal prep service is a very lucrative industry especially when the food is presented well – people will always eat with their eyes first.

You’re the founder of Field of Greens DFW, tell us about your business and what you offer?

Field of Greens DFW is a quick and convenient system created to provide healthy and delicious cuisine for the working class and/or health savvy individual who is ready for a lifestyle change through their diet. Services include: weekly meal prep, event catering, corporate events, private dinners, recipe curator and personal cooking classes.

Was entrepreneurship always the goal for you? What led you down this path?

One thing about me is that I have always been a leader. There are a handful of entrepreneurs in my family but my paternal grandmother always stood out to me as she managed to run several businesses while still tending to a household filled with kids and grandkids, gracefully. I am reminded of her every day. I continue to keep her legacy alive but incorporating some of our favorite dishes and flavors into my cooking and menu options.

What’s your favorite dish to make and why?

My favorite dish to make is my infamous Vegan Mac & Cheese. I am able to tap into different markets with vegans and non-vegan eaters. Even my non-vegan eaters love this!

What’s your most popular dish your clients request?

My clients most requested dish to make is my honey gold wings. When we host pop ups around the metroplex, we sell out every time! 

Has COVID affected your business at all? If so, in what ways and how have you pivoted?

When COVID first hit and shut downs began, that came with countless cancellations and rescheduling that changed how our first quarter of the year in revenue would end on the low end. I have been able to pivot by providing virtual cooking classes, publishing my first ecookbook, hard copy and second ebook are forthcoming along with other digital products and inventory.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to follow in your footsteps?

It is okay if you don’t have all the answers available to you in the beginning. Finding your purpose in life is probably the best thing an individual can do for themselves. When you have that, you hold so much power people dream of having. Go after it and build up as you elevate your business and your brand.

Last but not least, who are 5 chefs you #COSIGN along with their IG handle?

1. Chef Gabrielle McBay – @gabriellemcbay

2. Chef Denise Tatum – @chef_d_tatum

3. Chef BJ Burton – @seasonedbyspiffycatering

4. Chef Amber Williams – @lerougecuisine

5. Chef Jaya Griffin – @jayacancook 

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