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Elisabet “Liz” Blom

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“Every photo you capture is perfect because you thought it was worth freezing that moment. Whether it’s a laugh in the park, a candle being blown out or even that milkshake with the perfect whip cream and your favorite colored sprinkles. It’s all perfect because you found it so.” – Liz, on the perfect photo.

Elisabet “Liz” Blom is a photographer who grew up in the suburbs of Houston and was introduced to photography at an early age. When most girls her age were playing with Barbie or playing house, Liz preferred the outdoor active life. “I grew up a tomboy, so it was constant adventures into the woods, climbing trees and swimming the days away,” she says. This setting makes the perfect picture. At the age of seven, Liz was given a disposable camera and she’s carried one with her ever since.  She would run around with her disposable camera and take photos of everything and anything.

But, how did a seven-year-old girl grow up to love photography? Statistics show that people are truly a product of their environment and the things that they become accustomed to at an early age, stick with them their entire life. If you grew up in a family of musicians, you’re more likely to choose music as your career path. “Honestly, my mom is a huge reason I got into photography,” she says. “She always had a camera in our faces, she always made everything seem that it was worth a photo, and she was right. Our world is so beautiful and the people that inhabit it are even more so. Everything is unique and nothing ever really repeats, so you should always capture those moments.”

What’s even more beautiful about this scenario is that this path was not forced on Liz. As most parents push their children in certain directions, Liz made the decision on her own, out of passion and love of capturing moments that will last a lifetime. “I love how unique photography is, no matter how many people take the same photo, the outcome will always be different,” Liz says. “Everyone has their own editing taste, and that really amazes me.” As an active photographer myself, I was very impressed with Liz’s work. She credits most of her skills to a friend, who took her under her wing and taught her almost everything she knows. Her own “personal photo Yoda,” she likes to call her. “Every photographer creates in their own unique way. Some have similar editing styles and use the same presets, but at the end of it, what makes us unique is that no two people will pick the same preset. Where as I prefer warmer grainer feeling photos, others would prefer cooler and clean images. We all have a different image in mind, so what makes me unique is the way I see my photo from start to finish.”

What’s most appealing about Liz is the story she tells through her photos. If you scroll through her Instagram page, you’ll see various images that demonstrate creativity and thought. Some are candid, some directed, but all show passion. Considering that she’s been shooting since adolescence, what inspires Liz to continue to shoot? “I’m always inspired by the amazing talented people that I’m surrounded by; the kinds of people that push you to keep learning, to never stop creating new things, to think outside the box and cross boundaries you never thought possible.”

We #COSIGN Liz for being an amazing photographer and storyteller! Her body of work is absolutely stunning and we look forward to collaborating with her very soon! #COSIGNLife


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