Name: Derrian Perry
Instagram: @iamphreshy + @iamphreshybrand
Website: www.iamphreshy.com
Current Location: Los Angeles,CA
Favorite quote: “Reach for the moon so if you fall you’ll still land on the stars…”

Derrian Perry is the founder of, I Am Phreshy a full-service creative branding and lifestyle agency that specializes in augmenting audience attraction, brand cohesiveness, and increase sales of small to mid-size companies and public figures. At IAP their goal is to establish your value proposition to the the ideal demographic by connecting effective media outlets, creating event marketing opportunities, and fostering relationships to promote longevity and growth.

Check out our interview below with Derrian as we discuss his early beginnings, how he landed his first client, plus more.

First and foremost,we saw you attended the Roc Nation brunch and met Beyonce this past weekend please tell us about your experience and how you made it to this epic event?

LOL – That’s been the number one questions since I’ve posted the picture. It’s BEYONCE! Honestly, it was one of the most surreal experiences even though at this point, I’ve meet her so many times. Im also in her Blow video. It was the fact I meet her at the Roc Nation Grammy Brunch that’s most exciting!

For those that may not know,tell us your background. Who is Derrian Perry and how did you get in to PR and marketing?

Who is Derrian Perry, Honestly I’m an awkward black man with a bunch a magic. I have a very giving and optimistic spirit.I got into PR because I’ve always enjoyed connecting the dots and helping people grow their brands. La’Torria Lemon of Lemon Limelight media was one of the first publicist I seen first hand do the job that I knew I wanted to do. I started styling and then PR fell in my lap. It’s been life changing.

Everyone has to start somewhere. Can you tell us who your first paid client was and what was your method or process of earning their business?

Yes! So my first paid client was @Blameitonkway. I remember getting a call from his manager, Natasha. At the time I was interning for CREAM PR (Home of Cardi B) at the time. I was trying to get him to sign to CREAM because I was new and I knew that having Patience backing I would be okay. That didn’t happen. He signed to the IAP Brand and the work begun. I learned his brand, and figured out ways that we could work together and propel it. The rest is history.

You’re the founder of I Am Phreshy Brand. Can you give us a run-down of your client roster and what your company is known for?

Yes, my client roster includes: Blameitonkway, Lala Milan, Taylor Girlz, Spice, Kiara Simone, JMulan and the list goes on. Im most known for my work with social influencers. I honestly feel like they are the leaders of culture. People look to them for the next laugh, trend and music. I love being their voice to the public outside of social media.

What was your aha moment when you knew PR was your career path?

The first time I knew PR was my path is when I was able to put together an entire Dinner Event for Justin Combs in 24 hours and have a bunch of press come out. I had the Dinner and hotel sponsored. Lol I was like this isn’t normal. I’ve always been able to make this happen but I never knew there was a job title until this moment.

You spend a lot of time pushing others what do you do for yourself to get your name out and remain relevant?

Do good work! My work speaks for itself. From getting clients proclamations to the city, to media placements and press runs. If I have a client, their press is going to strategic and on fire. I go for the best.

As a publicist what are your thoughts of independent media companies?

Because I’m an independent PR company, I love supporting independent media. Everyone starts somewhere.

How has the PR industry changed since the beginning of your career? And what are some current campaign trends that you specialize in?

Hmm, besides the influx of publicists I don’t really pay attention. I enjoy working so much that I don’t know whats goin going on. What I will say is, I hate the trend of publicists having more media than their clients do. There are so many publicists on panels and in magazines and their clients are nowhere to be found.

With new brands, influencers and creators popping up daily how do you make the decision to #COSIGN a new brand and/or influencer and decide to work with them?

Great Question! I look for energy. I look for hustle and I look for grind. I have a saying, I don’t make people famous! I take famous people and keep them relevant. My Job is to strategically tell a story. My story is only as good as the talent that it’s about.

What are 5 traits you believe every successful publicist must have?

Patience, heart, creativity, drive and empathy.

You’re a pretty successful entrepreneur, what does the next chapter of your entrepreneurial journey look like?

Hmm, I’ve been so focused on this one I hadn’t really thought to much about the next chapter. The goal has always been to create a legacy. I want to be known as the person who left cultural & impactful moments on earth. I WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE !

As an entrepreneur what has been your darkest moment and how did you overcome it?

One of my darkest moments was not feeling like I was enough! Social media has a funny way of playing ticks on you. I overcame it by realizing just like i’m strategic in how I post and tell my story, so are other people. Their business and path is not mine. Im a fucking winner. (excuse my language)

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

My biggest highlight would be securing Forbes for client Lala Milan. I worked my ass off on that article placement.

When it’s all said and done how do you want people to remember you?

I want people to remember me for figuring it out regardless. Ive probably had every type job there is and went through any situation you can think of. What I didn’t do is give up or loose faith. I want to be remembered for following my dreams.

Last but not least, please list 10 entrepreneurs/creators you #COSIGN along with their IG handle.

JMULAN – @Jmulan
Mikos Adams – @iammikos
TAY MITCH – @taymitch_
Taylor Marie – @simplyTaylored_
Jasmine Milan – @jasminemilan
Patientce Foster – @iam_kingpee
Kwaylon Rogers – @blameitonkway
LaLa Milan – @lalamilan
Super Dope Q – @superdopeclosetq

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