Dametreus Ward (Meech)

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“I think success is overcoming the odds. Also having a goal set and achieving it.”

At the early age of three years old Dametreus Ward a.k.a. Meech picked up a camera for the very first time, and hasn’t put one down since. “My mom has photos of when I was younger with toy cameras,” he says. Meech is a professional high fashion photographer that has made quite the name for himself in the industry. He has a very unique style that draws attention from the most beautiful models all across the world. As a kid he was a drawer and loved drawing portraits. It was this early talent that would transcend into a fruitful career.

“What I love about photography is the fact that it allows me to be able to express how I am as an artist. Being the fact that I started off as an artist drawing I think that I had wanted to find a new form to express art,” Meech says. “With photography it allows you to be able to vision what you see from your eye that others may have not seen.” Transforming from drawing portraits to photographing them, Meech says he learned by trial and error. “I have always been the type to learn something by just testing things out and going from there. Every situation is different so it’s better to learn than to go off technical details. Editing I learned from retouchers and YouTube clips.” Meech states his go to lenses are 50mm 1.8, 24-70mm 2.8 and then also the 100mm 2.8.

Mario Testino, Mert Alas, Kristian Schuller are a few photographers Meech admires and looked up to growing up. It was through studying these photographers that Meech began to create his own lane in the industry. “What I do is I study markets. I noticed how Dallas doesn’t have a high fashion market so I told myself that I wanted to bring that to Dallas. Also I think my editing has separated myself from other photographers,” says Meech. While living in Wisconsin Meech met a designer that he worked with quite often. Through this relationship he noticed how the fashion world is so creative and he fell in love photographing fashion and beauty.

Meech leaves us with great advice to share with aspiring photographers. “I would say stay focused and don’t get discouraged. You’re going to meet a lot of people that have more experience but always remember we all start somewhere. Stay passionate about what you’re doing and stay hungry.”

We #COSIGN Meech for being an amazing photographer and pushing boundaries with his art! #COSIGNLife

“My favorite photo I have shot has been with Akasha Haze and Vendelali.” (Photo below)

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