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In our latest installment of #1000COSIGNs we conduct a short interview with D and Chi to discuss the release of their latest visual for “Amazing Grace.” Check out the interview below to see why we #COSIGN D and Chi. #COSIGNLife

What’s the premise behind your new video “Amazing Grace?”

The idea is that stability is a villain. People chase comfort and convenience when in reality there’s a real dream that you are destined to be chasing. Stability will almost always try and stay in the way of it

Why is music important to you guys?

Music is the tool in which this world uses to escape from their situations. We believe our music provides the musical medicine to a broken heart

Who inspires you to create music?

People. Traveling the country we meet people from all walks of life. They are searching for something to put their hope in. The state of the nation is a huge concern for us. As christians, we want to help the world find themselves. Our music is our best tool to do that with

What’s your definition of success?

A room full of people singing our lyrics back to us…but not only singing them…believing them

What would you like to see happen in 2017?

We would like bigger platforms, bigger stages. 2016 saw afew of our band members make the full time musician jump. In 2017 I’d like to see our whole band operating out of that. That means 100% focus on changing the world through music

Who does D and Chi #COSIGN?

John David Castillo @johndavidcas
Cameron Ray @cameronray
Reginald Titus @reginaldtitusjr
Brandon Alva @dumbstarr
Kylee Kimosh @kyleeki
Justin Lyons @guitarslayer24
A.D. Johnson @Chosenmusicians
Maurice Alexander @therealmalex
Carter Davis @mrcarterdavis
Nick Melita/Jake Hull @cinderblocksessions

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