If someone asked you who is Colby Garza, what would you say?

I’m a guy that keeps working on myself and truly believes that nothing is impossible. If you put your head down and get the work done then you can accomplish your wildest dreams. 

Outside of work what do you enjoy doing the most?

I love endurance sports. Something about running for 4 hours just gets me amped and challenging your body to see how far you can take it. 

How did you become a real estate developer?

I started out building homes which I still do. I try my best to develop the land, build the home then sell the house since I have a real estate license. I finally found a bank that believed in me back in 2015 and developed my first neighborhood. Developing kinda fell into my lap because I was so naive about how hard it actually is/was. I took it on knowing nothing about developing and it taught me a lot. We have now developed three neighborhoods and continue to push the envelope. 

And when did you know this was your calling?

I grew up in real estate and after 2008 I didn’t want anything to do with it. I went to college avoiding business in general then found myself back in real estate. For now it’s my calling but I always keep my mind open to new opportunities. 

What is something you really love about your career and why?

I love that everyday is a new puzzle that you have to figure out. Everyday is a different day and it’s really up to you to make it the best. I can be done in an hour or work for 12 hours; it always varies. 

What made you choose to enter the developer side of real estate?

I needed land to build on and that was the only way that I could essentially go to the next level in production. 

If someone wanted to become a real estate developer, how should they go about it? Can you walk us through the process?

I would find a banker and see what your credit line is. At that point find some land then bid out the utilities and road work. The biggest part of it all is if the city that you’re building in will let you develop the land that you are looking at. Make sure you go through the city and find out if it’s even possible. 

From your experience what do your clients enjoy most or appreciate most about working with the Garza Group?

We build affordable homes that any first time home buyer will enjoy and it’s a great starter home. 

If you weren’t in real estate what career would you pursue?

I would be a chef. I love to cook and used to cook in college. 

What is some advice or motivation you can share to our community of entrepreneurs and creatives to keep them going?

KEEP GOING. If you made it through last year then I truly believe you can make it through anything. If you have a crazy idea then you’re on the right path. 

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