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Catherine Robles
Dallas, TX
Instagram: @ladycatcatxx

“Success to me is doing something you love, and loving what you’re doing. Surrounded by loved ones and financially good!”

Catherine Robles is a Salvadorian model, marketer, brand ambassador, actress, dancer and media personality from Dallas, Texas. Inspired by beautiful and witty entertainers like Chrissy Tiegen, Cat hopes to reach her level of success one day. “Chrissy Teigen is my all time favorite. She reminds me of myself. She has so many different talents and manages to rock each one of them all together,” she says.

If you follow Cat on social media, you’ll see that she has a huge personality that automatically attracts you to anything she’s doing. At the age of 16, Cat would begin her career as a host with comedian Flo Hernandez for his show called, “The FloShow.” “I just put my self out there. Who knew a simple Facebook post of a comedian looking for a radio show host would get me this far?” she says. “As a child I always knew I was destined to be in the entertainment industry, whether it be acting, modeling, TV, radio, or dancing. I used to be known as ‘The Lil Shakira,'” says Cat. At 10 years old she recalls getting her mother’s video camera and setting up a background to shoot videos. She would also set up the self timer on the camera to practice poses and conduct her own photo shoot.

Only in the embryonic stages of her career, Cat has accomplished a feeling of success some work their entire lives to reach. “Having a complete stranger come up to me, in tears, and thank me for simply being myself and bringing positivity in their life when they were close to the end meant a lot to me. My words becoming an impact in someone’s life is my biggest accomplishment,” she says.

Even with success, Cat has faced adversity time and time again. “I had just recently got hired at this amazing company in downtown as a receptionist when I had a social media marketing opportunity with Escapade clubs,” she says. “My own boss from Escapade told me not to quit my 9-5, being that it was a good opportunity. Sometimes it’s not always about the pay because I felt suffocated with an every day routine; having to feel like I have to be somewhere I don’t belong on a daily basis. So I quit my job two months into being there. I also put an end to a five-year relationship for the simple fact that he did not see the vision and also told me to get a 9-5 because, ‘I was wasting my time.’ But needless to say I’ve had the opportunities to travel whenever and wherever I want; have the time during the day to meet with NBC and Telemundo to speak and translate regarding [Immigration and Nationality Act] law Section 287(g) occurring in Carrollton, Texas; no regrets till this day,” she says.

Nowadays, you can find Cat hosting events all across the DFW Metroplex, slaying fashion shows, modeling for brands and publications, and entertaining the masses. Cat wants to be remembered as someone who was fearless, never cared about acting a fool as long as it changed someone’s frown upside down, and as someone that made an impact in every person’s life she came across.

We #COSIGN Cat for being diverse, multi-talented, and remaining true to herself. Her beauty extends further than looks and we respect her hard work and dedication to her craft.

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