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“I think anyone who uses their platform to inspire and who is transparent inspires me. There are many who pretend their life is perfect. I am not that way. If I had a great or bad day I will talk about it because it’s reality. Social media often has many thinking others’ lives are perfect.”- Carolina Guzman

Carolina Guzman | @crayolina_
Location: Oakland, CA

Carolina Guzman is a model and former Miss Oakland Latina who is from the Bay Area California. As an adolescent she always wanted to be an author and write books due to her big imagination. She began writing fictional stories at the age of eight and had tons of notebooks filled with stories. Around the age of 22, is when things began to change. At 22, Carolina described herself as borderline obese and looked as pageants as an opportunity to motivate herself to lose weight. “I was borderline obese, had sleep apnea, joint problems, and depression. I got tired of living in a bubble and being afraid to take risks,” she says. But Carolina never expected to catch the “pageant bug” and compete year after year. “Pageants helped me with public speaking and have helped me discover that my true passion is being in front of cameras and I am known pursuing a career in broadcast journalism.”

For as long as Carolina could remember she always wanted to be a model. “Every weekend they would try to recruit me to model at the mall, but my parents never let me take the opportunity. As for pageants, at age eight is when I saw Miss Universe for the first time. I wanted to be able to wear gowns and also do humanitarian work like the reigning queens,” she says.

Carolina finally took a leap of faith and stepped out of her comfort zone and decided to participate in her first pageant. “I got tired of thinking “what if”, about all of the opportunities I let go of because of fear.” In 2015, Carolina won Miss Oakland Latina, but the road to success was hard and filled with many struggles. “I didn’t have the support of my family and I have lost a lot of friends. It sucks, but I have to be a bit selfish and put me first.” Carolina prides herself on being blunt and so transparent. She believes that’s what separates her from others in her field of work. “I don’t pretend my life is perfect. I like to be relatable. Real is relatable in my eyes.”

Carolina’s biggest accomplishment to date is placing third runner up at Miss California Latina. “It was my “anything is possible” moment. This was the moment I couldn’t wait to share with others. Not because of what I accomplished, but because I know that if I accomplished a big goal to me despite adversity, anyone can too!”

When things get hard Carolina copes in a lighthearted manner. “Aside from the occasional glass of wine and pizza, I pray and go to the gym. This helps me cope with the stress. I also look for alternate routes and try to not settle and focus on the tough times. Even in the toughest times, there is a bright side to every situation.”

In the next five years Carolina plans to become a well-known T.V personality and actress who has finally started her organization to help those who are victims of bullying. “I want to be remembered as someone who just really wanted world peace so she went out and spread as much positive vibes as she could.”

We #COSIGN Carolina Guzman for not allowing anything to get in the way of her dreams. Through her struggles Carolina made a way and trusted the process.

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