1,000 COSIGN’s: Meet Brian J. Millage, Style Consultant | COSIGN #77 of 1K
Instagram: @Mister_Millage
Website: www.themillage.com
#COSIGNed by: @ericcabranch

Brian has always been viewed as a trendsetter ever since his mom would dress him in fancy suspenders, bowties, stripes and other ‘feel good’ outfits. Throughout high school, his love for fashion jetted and with inspiration from Think Tank, he was able to mold his own style and follow his passion for fashion. He’s been generous with fashion guidance and showing others how to look good and feel good just like his mama trained him.

Even though his mom introduced him to fashion at a young age, Brian received substantial support from his mentors and friends who pushed him to become more self-aware of his prominent style. He began to examine the way people would dress for certain occasions (interviews, weddings, birthday parties, etc.) and with the start of his business he began to help people dress suitably for those events. With inspiration from Stylist J. Bolin and Mahiri Takai, Brian is constructing his brand to stand out by helping ‘EVERYDAY PEOPLE improve their EVERYDAY FASHION’ without breaking their bank. He’s helping people produce that red carpet look while remaining inside their financial means.

With the introduction of his brand, The Millage, his calendar has been filled with responsibilities. From finding time to work with clients to being employed at a non-profit to grinding for his courses in his master’s program in Social Work, he’s conquered one of his biggest struggles, time management. By managing his time, he was able to allocate a good amount of time, energy and effort into coordinating his launch party. The anxiety was real when he was hesitant if he was actually set for the brand to flourish but with the realization that everything he had done was for a purpose and strategically planned, he had no worries. The launch was a triumph and a night to reminisce.

Brian has been improving his brand through his social media presence. By creating that awareness online, he’s able to unite with more people and showcase his services. With this network he’s created, he’s had opportunities to help style multiple photoshoots to promote new seasonal products, dress mannequins during special events and even get discounted rates at his client’s stores. In the next 5 years, Brian will have Dr. in the front of his name and will be flying across the world helping style individuals for their red carpet events, weddings, photoshoots, and weekly wardrobes.

Check out what his clients are saying about him now here!

We #COSIGN Brian because he’s showing the world that you can always make a difference in someone’s life.

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