“I don’t want a lot of followers or likes, I want quality traffic and numbers with engagement that will turn the brand into an online community instead of just another page – slowly, but surely that is happening for me. I think that’s how brands are going to survive from now on since everything is going digital, it has to be community driven with a niche through all your social media channels, brands are just now tapping into that.” – Brian Boone

Full Name: Brian Boone
Location: Dallas, TX
Company: Brian Boone Dallas
Website: brianboonedallas.com

Brian Boone is a creative entrepreneur from Oklahoma. He began his creative career through photography and volunteering at the very first Oklahoma Fashion Week. As an adolescent, Brian always dreamed of being an actor with his own clothing line. “I was really into fashion and photography,” says Brian. “I learned photography in high school by taking media/photography, along with entrepreneur classes. I turned it into a business after winning $500 in a business competition – it was my third time competing and I finally won! From there the word got around in the community and I was taking photos at least two to three times a week for local clients. I made over $1000 my senior year; that’s when I knew I wanted something for myself creatively.”

Brian believed his next step to pursuing his dreams was to move out of Oklahoma and into a bigger market. “I wanted to move to a bigger city where I can express myself a whole lot more and get involved in the industry, that’s when I moved to Dallas,” he says. So Brian packed up and did just that. Now in a new city, Brian was ready to follow his dreams and pursue his passion. ”My biggest struggle was finally taking action in my dreams and goals,” he says. “I used to talk so much about what I’m going to do, but never did anything for it to manifest. I finally came to my senses and can tell myself what I want and need to do and I can make it happen now. I got tired of the same thing, I learned that you are the only person that can change that.”

Brian created brianboonedallas.com, a fashion blog that features beauty and grooming content, collaborations with local/national creatives and entrepreneurial advice. His next step is to add an e-commerce store with curated merchandise and one-of-a-kind goods, all under one umbrella. “I hope my blog really enhances my brand, especially from a male fashion blogger/entrepreneur point of view. I want my readers/customers to see a personal, yet commercial side to my business and brand; have them shop my store, but also go on the blog to see how to put it together in real life with real people – curated.”

To Brian, success means being able to persevere. “A good thing about persevering is that it may lead to other doors, maybe not the one you originally were hoping for, but most of the time even a better door will open,” he says.

In the next five years, Brian plans on growing his personal brand and website, and hopes to have a brick and mortar store. He also plans to be a millionaire and able to support the ones closest to him. “I want my legacy to be that I inspired people to want more for themselves,” he says. “You are limitless and you create the life you want to live. I want to leave behind a mindset that people can adopt, which consists of working hard, persevering, being kind and loving at the same time. I also want to leave behind a wealth of knowledge and financials that will help kick start ideas and businesses for young creative entrepreneurs in the future.”

We #COSIGN Brian for chasing his dreams and providing amazing fashion content that inspires others.

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