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Brandon Miller
Founder of That Guy’s Graphics, LLC, The Black Burdell, Inc., & The Scheme Team, LLC

COSIGNed By: K.G. Graham (@COSIGNKG)

“Identify your passion, then don’t take no for an answer. There is a 100% chance you’re going to stumble, make mistakes, and fail as you pursue your passion; but it is the journey that is most rewarding at the end of the day. Don’t let anyone, anything, or any situation get in between you and your success – it’s yours own it.” – Brandon Miller

Originally from Denver, but currently residing in Dallas, Brandon Miller is a millennial mogul in the making and has had an entrepreneurial spirit from a very early age. “When I was a kid I started a business called “Let B Do the Job.” I did everything from babysitting, pet sitting, yard work, or shoveling snowy driveways.” Fast forward a few years and the young mogul is the owner of multiple businesses that serves many purposes.

In today’s climate becoming an entrepreneur has become a popular trend for most, but some were born with hustle genes instilled in their DNA. The path of entrepreneurism is quite uncertain, but if done right can be very rewarding. Why gamble with your future some would ask? “It probably boils down to having control of your own destiny – I wouldn’t say I’m a control freak but I do like the notion of knowing “If everything works out – I played a part in that success; and if it doesn’t I can only blame myself at the end of the day.” Turning a passion into a paycheck, and being creative about how you get to navigate your life and impact others is definitely an added bonus,” says Brandon.

Brandon is the owner of three companies. That Guy’s Graphics, LLC, The Black Burdell, Inc. and The Scheme Team, LLC.

That Guy’s Graphics, LLC was the first company Brandon started as a junior at The Georgia Institue of Technology. ” I honestly started because I was tired of having to pay for others to do my fraternities’ event flyers – I spent a winter break learning Photoshop, and the rest was history.” The company began as a graphic design firm focusing on logos and flyers but over the years it has transitioned to a creative agency focusing on not only designs but overall brand strategy.

The next company Brandon founded was The Black Burdell, Inc. which is a nonprofit he co-founded with two of his good friends from Georgia Tech. The company focuses on promoting, supporting, and cultivating young, black entrepreneurs. As young entrepreneurs they struggled to find mentors and role models that looked like them; so what should you do when you identify a problem – you solve it, and that’s what they did. “For The Black Burdell, we host an annual scholarship for collegiate current and aspiring entrepreneurs in the Metro Atlanta area, we also host Black Business career fair, entrepreneurship workshops, and an annual Black entrepreneurship conference entitled “Burdell’s School of Entrepreneurship.”

Lastly, Brandon founded The Scheme Team, LLC which was our initial introduction to the young mogul in the making. According to Brandon, “The Scheme Team is the work hard play hard brand you need in your life. “Ultimately, we are all about motivating dope millennial passion pursuers to make their dreams a reality as efficiently as possible. From highlighting millennial moguls, emerging entrepreneurs, and passion pursuers, to hosting young professional trips across the countries, fundraisers, and book clubs.”

Through of all his entrepreneurial endeavors Brandon still makes it a point to give back to the community. Not too long ago we attended a happy hour called the ‘Too Fly Fundraiser’ where his company hosted a party  to raise funds to put passports in the hands of students in underserved communities.”The Black Travel movement is HUGE right now, and my circle of friends all have a passion and appreciation for global travel so we wanted to ensure that that momentum doesn’t ever fade. I personally had the opportunity to study abroad in Europe, and I learned so much about the world and myself due to that experience. We hear stories of students who have been accepted to study abroad programs, on scholarship, and simply can’t afford their passport and d to miss out on a life changing experience – we wanted to provide a solution to that.”

Entrepreneur, Designer, Philanthropist, Writer, there’s not much Brandon Miller can’t do. “I think my biggest strength is my mindset, you literally cannot tell me that I can’t do something – I’m joking but not joking at the same time. Once I took “can’t” out of my vocabulary, I saw my success propagate through all facets of my life – the gym, my nine-to-five, to my entrepreneurial ventures. I started a personal brand surrounding the tagline, #BEgreat – I want to inspire everyone to know that they already have what they need to be successful and harness their greatness.”

We #COSIGN Brandon Miller for inspiring other entrepreneurs to be great, paying the knowledge he learned forward, and for his active role in serving the community! #COSIGNLife

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