“I had people that believed in me before I believed in myself; that pushed me into music. Music kind of chose me in a sense. I’ve always sung but I never thought I’d be pursing it this hard. It’s really all a dream honestly.” -BeMyFiasco

Meet BeMyFiasco
Instagram: @bemyfiasco
Website: bemyfiasco.com/
Location: Dallas, Texas

Dallas native Bianca “BeMyFiasco” Rodriguez officially began her music career in 2013 with her first mixtape, “Solitude,” while attending Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches, Texas. But it was an Aaliyah tribute song she made with her cousin that began her on her path. “My mom found the tapes one day and played them for my whole family. It was pure embarrassment but it opened me up,” she says. “I cut that Aaliyah record at 9 years old. It was a done deal after that.” Always an imaginative child, she looked for other creative outlets, but singing was at her core. “I had my own mini radio show I did in my room. I just talked shit to my dolls and performed mini-concerts,” she says. “Even tho I was probably trash and hella annoying, nobody crushed my dreams and I appreciate it.”

Upon returning to Dallas from college, her first show in Dallas was COSIGN Magazine’s “The Watch” artist showcase (#shamelessplug). Since then, she’s stayed working, releasing her last project “Layers” in 2016 and working with Grammy Award winning producer 9th Wonder and rapper Phonte on “Violets,” from the Miles Davis tribute project by Grammy Award winning R&B artist Robert Glasper. Yet with multiple projects out and dream collaborations under her belt, Bianca still finds one challenge to be the most difficult. “[I struggle with] staying consistent and not using my resources. I tend to become really critical of my work and then just don’t put anything out,” she says. “The life of an artist. But if I want to thrive in this industry I have to stay visible. Stay working.” She battles through the adversity of this, and of other challenges, by keeping cool and maintaining the right mind state. “It’s all about perspective,” she says. “We all have issues or experience setbacks. I just take some time, breathe and don’t dwell. I find solutions and I keep it moving. Time is too precious to be filled with worry all the time.”

A school teacher by day and an amazing artist by night, BeMyFiasco is the antithesis of one liners and music that lacks depth. “I think I’m a great balance of the youthful feel of my generation and the vibes of the older. I also bring in a different side of creativity because I teach. My experiences are what make my music so potent and honest,” she says. “It’s real and and it’s honest. No frills. No fluff. My pen reflects my mood, which I think makes for great writing and I’m just getting started. I want to show people that the soul is still here, it just branched off into different forms.” And she plans to take that soul on the road this fall, as she’s taking a teaching job in Spain. “I want to lock in some tour dates around Europe while I’m there. A lot of uncertainty but I’m excited about the challenge.”

Over the next five years, Bianca sees herself touring Europe, learning a third language, getting married and having children, playing piano with her own band, and randomly enough, having her own line of specialty BBQ sauces. And while these would be great accomplishments, success to Bianca is more about living freely. She sees it as having enough to provide for her family and still being able to give back to others. She wants her legacy to be that, “I did things my way … I navigated this life and used my gifts to help others … I always stayed with these vocals and that I gave my everything on that stage. That I loved ribs and Jesus and that I was loving and goofy. But most importantly, that I was a good person.”

We #COSIGN BeMyFiasco for making great and honest music, putting herself in position to work with other great artists and for expanding her musical footprint to beyond our shores.

Who does BeMyFiasco #COSIGN?

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