B.Hunt is a celebrity wardrobe stylist , designer, and CEO who broke into the fashion industry when he began modeling for Reebok . He then turned his focus to styling for his own brand Livintage Apparel. He’s done multiple fashion shows worldwide, photoshoots, and worked with a wide variety of clientele. In 2016, he won the best stylist in Phoenix Fashion Week. Since then, he’s been working as a personal stylist to celebrities and others around the world while building his brand. 

Growing up were you always into fashion? Who were your inspirations?

I was always into fashion even as a young child. I always wanted to dress nice. My parents made sure I never got dirty either and it stuck with me to this day. I picked my clothes out since I was about five years old. I would see my mom getting dressed to go places and I admired her and her style along with my dad. Getting dressed for church was always inspiring because I could really get fancy. 

Who was the first person to #COSIGN you in the fashion industry and what was the significance of their support?

I’d say the first person to COSIGN me was a vintage store owner and friend. I came in to his shop because I admired his style and saw him on a magazine and after talking with him about fashion, I was inspired to start my own shop and really step into my style identity. He actually allowed me to walk in one of his fashion shows and help style it. From that point on, I had the confidence to do my own thing when it came to fashion. 

How did you become a celebrity wardrobe stylist and tell us some of your past and present clients that you’ve worked with?

Early in my career I had a desire to work with celebrities. I reached out to several and never got responses. I kept doing it until they actually responded. I made custom items for Lance Gross. After working with him, celebrities reached out to me for styling. One of my most recent clients was DaniLeigh. We actually had a friendship before she blew up. She would shop Livintage Apparel and I would make custom items for her. When she went on her first tour, she reached out for my help styling wardrobe and I worked on the Be Yourself tour, styling her self and her brother Brandon Bill$.

What do you love most about fashion?

I love that it gives me the freedom to express myself. It is limitless and classic.

Tell us about Livintage Apparel. How did you come up with the name and what does your brand to represent?

My brand represents the memories we all had as kids and the many fashion trends that we have seen come and go over the years. I wanted to create a brand for everyone to be able to identify with and I came up with the name Livintage Apparel because I wanted my customers to feel encouraged to live their best life though clothing. 

When working with a client what is your creative process like to select the right wardrobe?

I first do research to get an idea of their style and then I shop items that would push them out of their comfort level as well as put my own twist on items I know they’ll love. 

What is your perfect outfit from head to toe?

The perfect outfit from head to toe would def be something simple and classic. I love to accessorize so I’d have to have a hat, specs, and jewelry to compliment my outfit. A nice pair of designer shoes, some fitted jeans and an oversized t shirt for comfort. 

Last but not least, tell us 5 stylists/designers you #COSIGN.

My top stylists/designers I’d COSIGN are my friend and fellow stylist J.Bolin, Bryon Javar, Ugo Mozie, and Jerry Lorenzo.

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