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Blake Simon is building his legacy of being remembered as a leader who impacted the world starting with his community. Facing adversity from childhood, Blake grew up deprived of his biological parents and lost his guardian when he was only 11 years old. From there he knew he had to be strong and push through the hardship.

As an adolescent, Blake moved to Missouri City, TX where he graduated high school and enrolled in college. He attended Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU) where he received his B.S. in Criminal Justice. Though he didn’t  stay for graduate school, he was fortunate enough to be offered a full time position as a Financial Aid Counselor at PVAMU. There, he began working closely with students and their families as they transitioned to and through college. This was the beginning of his career.

After being passed over for a promotion, Blake decided to leave his position as a Financial Aid Counselor and begun his career as an entrepreneur. As a child, he always knew he had the personality to be an entrepreneur but capital always held him back. This was his chance, at age 28, to make the leap of faith needed to pursue his dreams. He went on to publish his first book “The Transition Guide & Journal: A Simple Tool for Students” to Help Maximize the College Experience that was released in August 2016.

Blake is currently focusing on BSA (Blake Simon & Associates) which launched December 2016 to help students transition to the next level in their life. BSA is emerging to be a vital asset in education through its financial aid literacy (scholarships, FAFSA, federal loans, & work study), goal setting strategies, and self-building/awareness. Through his experience as a student and overcoming battles, he’s able to closely relate to students, families, and influencers on the importance of education through social media awareness.

BSA is currently growing and creating a heritage of its own through its founder, Blake Simon who would like to share that “Once you act on your passion, you will walk into your purpose”.

We #COSIGN Blake Simon because he is pushing the culture forward by helping students and visionaries transition to their next level.

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