Antoine Howard received his personal training certification through the National Federation of Personal Trainers (NFPT.) He specializes in both one on one and group training and believes that training is not just way to stay in shape, but a foundation to improve the way we live, physical and mental health issues, that physical fitness prepares and enables us to enjoy all kinds of movement. Antoine’s certifications stem from bosu, TRX, sports performance and functional fitness. Antoine is also a certified indoor cycling instructor at Cyclebar Uptown Dallas. He was recently voted Best instructor DALLAS 2019.

Name: Antoine Howard

Company: Howhard Fitness and Lift’ed

Instagram: @antoine_howard

Favorite Quote: “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.”

Everyone has a unique story, what would you say is yours?

During the most difficult part of my start up I often contemplated returning to corporate America. After one of my classes I had a client come to me and say “if it wasn’t for your classes I wouldn’t be alive.” It completely changed how I conducted classes.

Growing up were you always into fitness and sports? If not, how did you get into it?

Funny story is I actually lost a push-up contest to a friend of mine and it is what led me to getting a gym membership and upwards from there.

Who was the first person that #COSIGNed you and inspired you to pursue your passion in fitness?

Antonio Oliver

What was the defining moment or spark that inspired you to step into entrepreneurship and become a trainer?

There was this lady that was a coach for a company I applied for that gave me so much confidence in how she coached. She then said to me after the audition “Antoine, fitness is your way to show people your goodness take advantage of the opportunity to change lives.” It moved me so much that I fully invested myself in pursuing a successful fitness career.

After coming to this realization, what immediate steps did you take to start bringing your vision to life?

I started focusing on fostering relationships with all clients to ensure they had a place to come and be better mind then body.

What was the specific void or opportunity you saw that inspired the idea behind your company? 

The value of relationships.

What does being an entrepreneur mean to you, especially in the field of fitness?

Entrepreneurship is more than just a daily grind or hustle. It’s directional, intentional and purposeful in nature.

Can you discuss the most difficult part of your journey thus far? 

(Self-belief) Believing in the process and facing the discouragement of startup. The growth phase in fitness is tough and you have to always be willing face those tough periods.

What is one memory that you have that you reflect back to when entrepreneurship tests you? 

Setting up for an hour and no one shows.

Fitness is a process, it’s a journey, and what do you tell your clients when they get discouraged? 

Belief guides you, results are a product of believing. Not let’s create a process you will believe in.

If you could ask one question to your business idol what would you ask and who would you ask?

Alex Toussaint – Peloton considering my levels of success in the industry so far, what direction would you give me to elevate my brand/career?

Last but not least, name 5 people you #COSIGN along with their Instagram handle. 

Josh Hicks – @3hunnid_fitness

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