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“What we do at Studio Moiselle is beyond just a set of nails. It is rectifying an industry problem which is the overuse of the drill on the natural nail plate, and a lack of knowledge around health and sanitation. It is already promoting more conversation around the alternative options for your nail care, [other] than the corner salon.” – Alisa Callaway

Alisa Callaway: @B.MOISELLE

Alisa Callaway is quite the big deal in Dallas, she’s young, intelligent, beautiful, and all about her business. She’s the founder of Studio Moiselle, located in Deep Ellum. If you would’ve told Alisa years ago that she would be a beauty mogul she’d probably laugh at you. “The irony here is, I was a sports girl,” she says. “Super tomboy! I didn’t care much about hair or make up. The only thing was, I just wanted my nails to look nice at all times. They didn’t have to be long and crazy, but they had to be done. I actually didn’t know I wanted to start a salon until after I spent time in Japan and got the most amazing nail treatments, and moved back to Texas and saw the lack of care given in the Texas salons.” If you’re wondering how she afforded the luxuries to live in Japan, Alisa’s father was in the military. “I’m from all over the globe. My dad was in the Air Force which meant every two-three years, I was in a new state/country. I was born in Anchorage Alaska, but lived in Indiana, South Carolina, Turkey, and my favorite of all places Japan,” she says.

Like most millennial entrepreneurs, Alisa began her career working in corporate America while maintaining her nail hustle on the side. She managed to work both fields until she decided to act on faith, and finally take that leap and solely rely on her nail clients. “I had a leap of faith moment quitting my corporate job and deciding to open my first studio; Studio Moiselle. I prayed for months for guidance and asked specifically for signs to confirm I was making the right decisions,” she says. “One evening after a full day of work at the office, I took my night nail appointments and I had two signs clear as day. One of my regular clients brought a friend in with her (who I did not know) and she randomly looked at me and told me it was my Emancipation Day. My very next client told me that she had the best YouTube video for me to watch. It was Steve Harvey’s “Jump.” That was enough for me. The next day I jumped and haven’t looked back since.”
For those who have never been there, Studio Moiselle is a full service nail salon that offers natural nail care. They specialize in caring for natural nails while making them pretty and educating their clients. Studio Moiselle does not use drills or any harsh chemicals like typical salons. Sanitation is  very important to Studio Moiselle and their clients can confidently get serviced, knowing that they are in good hands. “It’s fun, we love what we do and you will see that coming into the salon and you will have fun with us,” says Alisa.

Like many companies in their embryonic stages, Alisa has faced many struggles. 
”My biggest struggle has been finding a work-life balance. Operating a business means you can’t make every happy hour, birthday party or social event.” But, the great thing of having a relentless work ethic is that when you work hard, you receive great benefits. When it comes to adversity, Alisa says, “Find the silver lining and push through. Within just one year of the studio being opened, the demand exceeded what I could personally supply, which meant I had to relocate and open a full-service salon. I found a new building, gutted it, plumbed it, painted it, furnished it, designed it and staffed it. It felt like an impossible task going through it, but every time I walk into my salon now I am just really proud and thankful.”

In the next five years, plan to see multiple Studio Moiselle locations as well as a Studio Moiselle School of Nail Technology for aspiring nail technicians. And when it’s all said and done Alisa just wants people to know that she believes and trusts in God. “I know that he gave me the gifts and skill sets that I have in order for me to shine light and lift up all those around me in any way that I can.”

We #COSIGN Alisa for being a woman of God, a educator, and for improving the world through beauty.

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