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Dancer | Singer | Choreographer

Instagram: @ALEXTINYB

“Being a Latina is everything to me. I’m proud of my people and it definitely influences my work in all aspects of my life , from my character, to my actual talent.” AlexTinyB on being a Latina in the industry.

AlexTinyB is a dancer, singer, choreographer, and entertainer who grew up in the small town of Odessa, TX which is mostly know for ‘Friday Night Lights.’ As a kid she was into sports and cheerleading due to growing up in a Football town. She recalls that she started singing and dancing at the age of three years old, but it wasn’t until she watched Jennifer Lopez play Selena that she realized she wanted to become an entertainer. “I watched Selena 100,000 times,” she says.

Still in her youth AlexTinyB has already accomplished a lot. She’s won many awards, danced on BET’s 106&Park, choreographed and worked with many talented acts such as Play-N-Skillz, Frankie J, Daddy Yankee, Selena Quintanilla’s fathers artist Angel , B-Hamp, B. Simone , Baby Bash’s artist Marty , Comfort Fedoke, plus many more.

Alex credits some of the greats for the reason she dances. “My biggest inspiration are all the old OG’s in the game like Darren Henson , Chuck Maldonado , LaurieAnn Gibson, Crazy Legs etc . One of my biggest inspirations will always be the late Selena Quintanilla , Michael Jacksons whole artistic team of choreographers , and I love watching Chris Brown despite his personal life,” says Alex.

In regards to advice for aspiring dancers, Alex leaves us with wise words. “Be yourself! Don’t try and match what you see on YouTube just do you. Who cares what anyone else thinks because someone is going to like your work.”

We #COSIGN AlexTinyB for being an amazing talent and for never forgetting where she came from. Although she reps Dallas, she always pays homage to her hometown and that shows great character in a person.

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